Archbishop Robert J. Carlson Can't Remember If He Knew Raping Kids Is a Crime

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Carlson's memory is pretty bad, according to Anderson. The Minnesota attorney has deposed Carlson fifteen times over the years, but memories are continually out of reach.

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"He said 193 times...'I do not remember,'" Anderson says, according to CBS Minnesota.

But Anderson released several documents that cast doubt on Carlson's claims that he wasn't sure about the legality of sexual abuse, including a 1984 memo written by Carlson to then-archbishop John Roach, in which the future St. Louis archbishop expresses concern over allegations:


Several more documents released by Anderson appear to illustrate that Carlson was very aware of the illegal nature of sexual abuse, that he avoided getting police involved, and even tried to save the perpetrator's priesthood status. After finding out Adamson was being accused, here's the recommendation Carlson offered in 1984 (whole letter can be seen here):


More videos of Carlson's bad memory can be seen on Anderson's website.

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