Billionaire CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Is Totally "Still Punk"

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David Shankbone/Wikimedia
Jack Dorsey is still totally punk rock.
Just because one is a billionaire CEO who lives in a mansion and loves spreadsheets and oatmeal, "especially from an oatmeal bar," St. Louis' most famous tech entrepreneur insists he is still totally punk rock.

Back in the day, Dorsey rocked blue hair and played in bands. Then he stopped and became rich. But in an example of how completely punk-rock Dorsey still is, he says the lessons he learned from his punk days are what helps drive technological innovation and improves business.

"I'm still a punk," Dorsey tells CNN Money. "What was amazing to me about the punk scene, which is why I got into it, is because there was this confidence of 'I'm not going to go off, be shy about learning how to be a musician.'"

That lack of fear about sucking and continuing to improve is what punk is all about, Dorsey adds.

Jack Dorsey/Instagram
Dorsey in his more obvious "punk" days.

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"The punk scene was thing thing where people would get up on the stage and they would play and they were terrible. They were absolutely terrible. And then you saw them next week, and they were a little bit better," he says. "And then you saw them the next week, and they were a little better. And then you saw them in a year, and they were the Ramones."

This is how punk rock is just like programming.

"People would write code and it was terrible, and they would write it again and it was terrible, and a year from then it was Linux, and now it's running the majority of every system out there today," Dorsey says.

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Although there might not be anything less punk than a billionaire giving business advice, Dorsey's statement could be taken two ways: as inspiration to not be afraid to fail or, as Valleywag put it, a myth that one can become rich as long as they try hard enough.

How one perceives that depends on their outlook. But give Dorsey some credit -- his Square company is no doubt helping at least some punk bands sell merchandise at their shows. So in a way, Dorsey really helping keep punk alive.

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Matt Pfaff
Matt Pfaff

The dude is punk as fuck, deal with it. Rft= emo bitch

Dustin Triplett
Dustin Triplett

There's not a "punk" in the world that wouldn't sellout in a heartbeat to have the slightest sliver of this dude's fortune.

Alissa Nelson
Alissa Nelson

Haven't you heard? Eviscerating cities is like, the punkest thing you can do.

Eric Hall
Eric Hall

"So in a way, Dorsey really helping keep punk alive."

Eric Hall
Eric Hall

"The punk scene was thing thing where people would get up on the stage and they would play and they were terrible." No takers on that proofreader position yet, I take it?

Heidi Peitz
Heidi Peitz

I always thought 'true punk' rejected being defined or being classified by 'the man'.

Nat M. Zorach
Nat M. Zorach

"Since we got CORTEX and startup tech incubators and bars that sell $12 artisan cocktails" - the echo chamber

Jason M Parker
Jason M Parker

St Louis' greatest son. He is so humble and philanthropic.

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