Cops Arrest Cop for Secretly Recording Men Using Restrooms and Gloryholes for Porn Site

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This guy has no idea there's a cop on the other side of that glory hole.
Chesterfield police officer David Cerna videotaped men using a Mobil On the Run restroom and streamed the videos to a pornographic website, according to police.

But Cerna's actions didn't stop with a "peepshow," cops say. He also tricked men into coming to his home with online ads and using his glory hole and posted those videos online, too.

The revelations come after reporting by KTVI (Channel 2), which led to police having to arrest one of their own for felony invasion of privacy.

Chesterfield police say Cerna, a six-year veteran of their department (although he just got fired for this), placed a video camera in the air vent of the men's restroom in the Mobil gas station. The camera was placed over a toilet and had a clear view of males of all ages coming into relieve themselves.

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The website has been taken down, but a few cached pages were found by Daily RFT. The site was called "Off the Grid" and had many creepy, grimy images of what you'd expect from a camera placed above a toilet. The subtitle of the perverted project appears to be aptly titled "Restroom Recon." Cerna's alleged site received a lot of traffic and reblogs from "the Guy Spy," a Tumblr site that is devoted to similar fetishes.


In addition to Restroom Recon, Cerna is accused of posting ads on Craigslist where he posed as a woman offering casual sex to straight men. He sent pictures of a woman he didn't know and told the "Dumb straight guys," as Cerna referred to them, that the photos were of him. Apparently, the ruse worked because Cerna tells police he lured as many as 60 men to his Wentzville home over eighteen months, according to the Post-Dispatch.

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Below is a cached image from Cerna's website of "Dumb Straight Guy #35:"


Cerna was caught after KTVI got tipped off by somebody who discovered the camera in the restroom. When the Chesterfield police became involved, their cyber task force traced the site back to Cerna's home through the site's server.

Police have not released any information on whether images of children were recorded and published online, but several people have expressed concern on several message boards that their children used the Mobil On the Run restroom.

The site Cerna allegedly ran was free, but we found a link where users could donate money to support it.

Cerna is being charged with a Class D felony -- the lowest possible felony level with a maximum sentence for a Class D is four years imprisonment. In comparison, selling 5 grams or less of marijuana is a Class C felony with a maximum punishment of seven years incarceration. Cerna has no prior criminal record.

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The invasion of privacy is disturbing for every victim, especially for any children involved. But at least one of the victims, a man named Rob Cheney who used the Mobil On the Run restroom several times and just moved to St. Louis three weeks ago, gave the greatest quote possible considering the circumstances in an interview with KTVI:

"When I saw myself pooping, I said, 'You gotta be kidding me,'" Cheney says. "Three weeks and I'm already on a poop cam, pretty much. So three weeks and everybody's seen me poop? That's terrible. Hahaha."

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