"He's a Good Person": Daughter of Death Row Inmate Asks Nixon To Spare Her Father's Life

Categories: Death Penalty

Here's Symone Winfield's letter, submitted yesterday as part of her father's clemency petition.

Declaration of Symone Winfield

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Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

"no one should be able to dictate whether this person lives or dies"... unless it's the criminal making that decision, huh?

John Jacobs
John Jacobs

Bulls hit, Symone! A good person, Symone? That bastard shouldn't be alive today! And nobody gives a shit about what YOUR life's been like! It's not about you, Symone! It's about the two individuals whose lives ENDED because of your murdering shit of a father! Maybe after the bastard is dead you will see what kind of life surviving family member of the two deceased have lived, Symone! This is about JUSTICE, Symone! Good person....who do you think is going to swallow that bulls hit......Symone?

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