IKEA Officially Breaks Ground in St. Louis

Shovel-ready. | Lindsay Toler

It's official.

Construction for St. Louis' IKEA store is underway as of Tuesday morning, when public officials and store representatives broke ground with emblematic blue and yellow shovels.

The groundbreaking marks the official start to construction on the 380,000 square-foot store scheduled to open in fall 2015 in the Cortex Innovation District.

First one to hit a 200-year-old cemetery is buying lunch. | Lindsay Toler

"This is a celebration of economic progress in a neighborhood that is swiftly becoming the cornerstone of this city's argument for the possibility of urban revitalization and smart, inclusive, entrepreneurial development," says Secretary of State Jason Kander.

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Until now, the closest store to St. Louis was 250 miles away.

St. Louis' future IKEA store.
IKEA says the new store will create 500 jobs during construction and 300 retail jobs upon completion. The store will eventually hold more than 10,000 exclusively-designed items, three model home interiors and a supervised children's play area. Food markets and a 450-seat cafeteria will serve cookies, cheese, hot dogs, frozen yogurt and, yes, the store's famous Swedish meatballs.

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Emily Weber
Emily Weber

Ikea furniture sucks... I am probably going to go there for fun, but I doubt I will ever purchase anything from them.

Lisa Eichhorst-Crawford
Lisa Eichhorst-Crawford

Not to mention an incredibly ugly building with colors (yes, I know the Swedish colors) that do not blend into the environment...why can't new buildings at least look good?!

Brian Perkins
Brian Perkins

Another big box industry killer. Being a cabinetmaker used to mean something. Good luck to anyone expecting quality and service, oh yes, you will need service.

Bill Swafford
Bill Swafford

Who cares its just another store that the area won't care about in ten years .

Rita Kiry Ryan
Rita Kiry Ryan

They need to serve crepes with those lingonberrie. :)

Andy Gaynor
Andy Gaynor

Good place to get stuff that's inexpensive because it's cheap.

Alaina Austin
Alaina Austin

Now no one has to grow up without having been in an IKEA (like this st.louis native)!

Chris Vose
Chris Vose

What brand of shovel did they use? Durt? (If you haven't shopped at Ikea yet, you won't get that one)

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