KSDK Viewers Lash Out When Weather Coverage Interrupts Belmont Stakes Preshow

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Banamine, Walt Hubis on Flickr
Choose carefully, KSDK.
Which is more newsworthy: severe, dangerous weather nearing St. Louis or the final race in a major American sporting event?

KSDK (Channel 5) chose weather Saturday afternoon as storms brought two confirmed tornadoes into the metro area, including one that damaged several businesses in St. Peters and this one that touched down briefly near Red Bud, Illinois:

The station interrupted its pre-race coverage of the Belmont Stakes, the last in a three-race event that starts with the Kentucky Derby, to update viewers on the extreme weather news.

And that's when the thunderstorms launched a shitstorm on Twitter:

And there's more where that comes from.

Plus, you should see what happens on Twitter when KSDK delays Jeopardy! That and more on page two.

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