Marshall the Miracle Dog and Four More Movies Filmed in Southern Illinois

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Mike Bizelli
The real-life Marshall.
Since the first casting call, producers for the movie Marshall the Miracle Dog have described it as very St. Louis.

The story is based on a real dog rescued from a Missouri hoarder, healed by a veterinarian at the Humane Society of Missouri and adopted by a St. Louis woman.

"This is truly a St. Louis film," says Cyndi Willenbrock, who adopted Marshall and also serves as a producer for the movie starring Sinbad, Shannon Elizabeth and Matthew Settle. "One hundred percent of our investment came from the region, students from throughout the area are cast as extras, and Notifi Records owner Ira DeWitt's great soundtrack includes St. Louis up-and-comers. There is so much talent here."

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After producers started filming across the Mississippi River in Edwardsville, Illinois, Daily RFT couldn't help but wonder what other famous flicks are set in the Metro East.

After all, there have been plenty of movies shot right here in St. Louis, such as Up in the Air with George Clooney and Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Steve Martin. But what about our neighbors?

Here are four movies we found shot east of St. Louis in Illinois:

1. In the Heat of the Night

Sparta, Illinois, a town about 50 miles southeast of St. Louis, became Sparta, Mississippi, for the Oscar-winning movie In the Heat of the Night. Sidney Poitier feared filming in the South when klansmen nearly ran him off the road during a 1964 trip to Greenville, Mississippi, so director Norman Jewison promised him they wouldn't film anywhere unsafe for Poitier. The railroad depot seen in the film still stands and now houses an art museum that sells copies of the movie.

Three more (mostly terrible) movies on page 2!

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Ok... But what about all of Brian Jun's films? Or Jack Snyder's? I'm on my second film in Champaign! And worked two other features and one TV show in and around Central Illinois. I think a little more research is needed for this article!

grahamccollins1 topcommenter

Hooper with Burt Reynolds was filmed in Edwardsville.

Bradd Grover
Bradd Grover

Wasn't part of trespass shot in east st Louis. Another was some movie with Rachel mcadams in edwardsville.

Joelle Hahn
Joelle Hahn

The Fugitive - shot partially in Chester, IL


I can't believe "The Fugitive" is not on this list, shot partially in Chester, IL. 

Josh Koester
Josh Koester

Identity Thief has some StL stuff in it, including a TERRIBLY photoshopped view of the city as they drive into town.

Caitlin MDosz
Caitlin MDosz

The Lucky Ones was also shot in edwardsville in the last couple years

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