Mayor Slay Defends Yadier Molina in Nicest Smack-Talk Video Ever

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Mayor Francis Slay has something he'd like to say to the mayor of Milwaukee.
Mayor Francis Slay is hitting back at Milwaukee's campaign to get Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina off the All-Star roster, and he's doing it in true St. Louis style: with a smile on his face and baseball tickets in his hand.

Invoking what Daily RFT hopes is the next great rivalry between two great beer towns, Slay invites Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett to a game between the Redbirds and the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium in August.

"We can compare notes about our cities, compare local beers and, oh yes, compare catchers," Slay says, smiling like he's being nice and not about to deliver an epic smackdown. "Ours is a five-time All Star, a six-time Gold Glover and he wears World Series rings."

BOOM, Milwaukee.

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Slay is never one to shy away from making baseball political, but this time, the Brewers started it. In a last-ditch effort to bring in more votes for Jonathan Lucroy, Milwaukee's catcher, the team released a "political" mudslinging-style ad campaigning against Molina.

"Do you want another St. Louis Cardinals catcher to star in an All-Star game? Isn't there a better way?" the ad says while the sound of a baby crying plays over footage of Molina. "Cast a ballot for change. Cardinals fans need to know that enough is enough."

Slay ends his response video with an invitation for Mayor Barrett to call him about the tickets. Just in case Barrett doesn't have it, here's Slay's office number: 314-622-3201.

See you in Baseball Heaven, Mr. Mayor.

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