Meet the First Four Gay Couples to Marry in St. Louis (PHOTOS)

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Miranda Duschack & Mimo Davis

The happy couple with Mayor Francis Slay and Shane Cohn, the first openly gay man elected to St. Louis city government.
Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis "married" in 2012, two years after the met, in a spiritual ceremony before 130 of their close friends and family. But the marriage wasn't legal in Missouri, and Davis had no intention of going elsewhere for validation.

"People would say to us, 'Are you going to Iowa to get the license?'" Davis says. "I was like, 'Why would I go to Iowa when I live in St. Louis? Why don't we fight this battle right here?'"

Davis won the battle Wednesday night with her and Duschack's legal marriage ceremony in the mayor's office, something a clearly emotional Davis called "a confirmation of a life."

"It wasn't so much about history, because ten years [from now], next week, no one is going to remember this was history," Davis says. "But it was bit for me because of us, because historically, I want to wake up in the morning and know I was on the right side.... When that torch was passed to me, when I had an opportunity to pick up that torch, I need to wake up every morning and know I took it and ran with it."

Duschack and Davis grow specialty-cut flowers at their urban St. Louis farm, Urban Buds: City Grown Flowers, which they sell at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market and to florists.

Duschack graduated from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, in 2003 with a dual bachelor's degree in sustainable agriculture and sociology. Davis has a master's in horticulture from North Carolina A&T University.

They live together in south St. Louis with their two dogs.

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