Goodbye, Tim Ezell: Our 7 Favorite Moments From FOX2's Goofiest Anchor

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4. The time Tim Ezell couldn't make "Laughing Baby" laugh.

You'd think a kooky guy like Ezell would be great with babies, right? Well, he met his match in the star of the "laughing baby" viral video.

5. The time Tim Ezell stalked an Elvis impersonator.

Ezell produced some questionable parodies of the 2011 Oscar nominees, including "The King's Leech" and "127 Seconds." This one's our favorite, though, if only for Ezell's adorable propeller hat and lack of boundaries.

6. The time Tim Ezell fried something

Ezell's long-running investigative series, "Can I Fry It?" posed the hard hitting question no other news network dared to ask.

7. The time(s) Tim Ezell had more fun than anyone else.

We realize some of our readers might view Ezell as more of a morning annoyance than a morning news anchor, but we can't help but admire of the guy. He took his style of wholesome, unironic enthusiasm and and ran with it for sixteen years. Whether it was milking cows or talking about "man candles," he maintained his hyperactive smile a seemingly boundless capacity for fun. We respect that, and we're going to miss him.

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