Half Price Books Opening in Chesterfield Is Rare Good News for Book Lovers

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Half Price Books is opening in Chesterfield.
The Archive is gone. So is A-1 Book Exchange. The Book House was thrown out of its gorgeous, historic location and is valiantly making do in an originally decrepit space. Even Left Bank Books had to close its downtown location.

It's been a rough seven months for St. Louis' readers of non-ebooks.

So Daily RFT took it as a wonderful sign from the literary gods that Half Price Books, the discount-book and -music seller, has opened a store -- a real, live, bricks-and-mortar store -- in Chesterfield.

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This video is crazy promotional, but at least it gives you an idea of what a Half Price Books looks like:

The independent bookstore started in 1972 in an old Dallas laundromat and has grown to 120 stores in sixteen states. Chesterfield's location is St. Louis' first; the store already has branches in Kansas City and Independence.

The Chesterfield Half Price Books -- at 1664 Clarkson Road across from Trader Joe's and next to Saint Louis Bread Co. -- will hold a grand opening June 5 through 8. The first 100 people through the doors at 9 a.m. Thursday through Sunday will get a free tote bag and $5 gift card.

And for all you teachers and librarians out there, don't forget to ask for a card for 10 percent off all purchases.

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Eric Seelig
Eric Seelig

Yes, they're pretty great for a chain! I regularly read posts online from people bragging about the amazing thing that they scored for cheap from one.

Ramiro Diaz
Ramiro Diaz

We have it here in Milwaukee. Its a great place to buy not just books but used movies and cd's

Amanda Erskine
Amanda Erskine

I LOVE Half Price Books!!!!!! I used to live in Pittsburgh and we went ALL the time. This will definitely be an asset to book lovers.

Janelle Dimmett
Janelle Dimmett

this is the best book store ever. I went to them religiously when I lived in Kansas City. They're going to do so great here and at least it's a book you can afford

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