Robert Oberfeld, Babysitter Charged with Sodomy, May Have More Child Victims: Police

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Robert Oberfeld.
The St. Louis Metropolitan Police are looking for more victims of a suspected child rapist now in custody.

The Circuit Attorney's Office charged Robert Oberfeld, 66, of the 5600 block of Louisiana Avenue, with two counts of statutory sodomy and a child molestation charge earlier this month.

Oberfeld is suspected of sexually assaulting a boy he and his wife babysat while the child was between the ages of six and nine, between 2001 and 2004, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Oberfeld would apparently sodomize the boy when he used the bathroom.

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The official investigation indicates that Oberfeld may have more victims, and police are asking anyone who was abused to call 314-444-5474.

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Andrea Hilliard
Andrea Hilliard

It says "He and his wife" babysat the boy. It's always important to know who will be allowed around your child. Even if you trust someone, do you know who they'll be letting into the house and around your child when you're not there?

dalediversity topcommenter

Do we know if the sexual contact was consensual?  

Dave Brown
Dave Brown

I heard that Robert Carlson offered him a job!

Brittney Jasper
Brittney Jasper

Unfortunately rehabilitation doesn't work that well for pedophiles. Prison for the rest of his life!!!!

Mandy Eich-Christy
Mandy Eich-Christy

Who would let that creeper near a child. It's written all over him.

Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

If proven guilty, deport him... by "deport" I mean tie a sack of bricks to his neck and dump him in the ocean.

Jason M Parker
Jason M Parker

Castrate him the give him a Sinaloa Cartel chainsaw haircut

whateveryousay topcommenter

I would hate to be the attorney defending this guy.

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