St. Louis Staycation: 7 Reasons Not to Leave for Vacation

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4. Zoos and Aquiariums

Caroline Yoo
WalletHub ranked St. Louis at No. 14 when it comes to the number of zoos and aquariums in the area, but that's only because the site measured the quantity, not quality, of zoos. St. Louis has a crown jewel of a zoo in Forest Park, the Saint Louis Zoo, and just in time for summer staycations, there's even a new baby camel.

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5. Spas

The Face and Body Spa
Getting pampered can be part of a successful staycation. Of the 100 cities measured by WalletHub, St. Louis is the 24th best city for finding affordable spas, wellness centers and beauty salons. Honolulu, Orlando and Las Vegas ranked highest on the list of cities with the best spas.

6. Golf Courses

Caroline Yoo
Play on the green without spending much green. St. Louis ranks No. 26 out of 100 for the number of public golf courses per capita.

7. Swimming Pools

Caroline Yoo
Dip your feet into a pool, feel the sun on your skin and pretend you're in Florida, California or even a Mediterranean beach. St. Louis ranked 31 out of 100 for best cities with access to swimming pools.

Bonus. Movie Theaters

Caroline Yoo
Catching a flick is a sure way to cool off from the summer's heat, but a ticket can cost you in St. Louis. WalletHub's findings said St. Louis ranks No. 62 out of 100 for the cost of a movie ticket. Maybe we'll stick to Wehrenberg's Summer Series and see some family-friendly films for $1 each.

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