Step Off, Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner Rightfully Belongs to the St. Louis Rams

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3. Because Warner-to-Proehl Still Sends Shivers Down Our Spines

The game-winning lob to put the Rams in the 1999 Super Bowl was something to behold, and it still is. In fact, we can't stop beholding it, and neither should the Rams.

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4. Because We Ran Him Out of Town

Yeah, we're all probably going to Hell for this one.
We'll be the first to admit it, but historically St. Louis has not always been super nice to our celebrity sports heroes, especially if those heroes spouted a never-ending stream of God talk during the pregame interviews. By 2002 Warner's self-destructive drive to play through a hand injury and a sudden case of interceptionitis caused fans to leap off the bandwagon, flip it over and torch it.

But that doesn't mean the Rams should forget the good years, the 1999, 2000 and 2001 seasons that, for a few shining moments, turned a baseball town into the home of the Greatest Show on Turf. If Marshall Faulk did enough to make it to the Ring of Fame in 2011, Warner deserves to be there just as much -- if not more.

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5. Because Michael Sam Isn't Enough to Distract Us from the Rams' Awfulness

"The Greatest Show on Turf" is long gone. Now, it's more like "The Greatest Show of Worst."

Folks, the Rams have mostly been terrible since Warner got the boot in 2004. The team hasn't posted a winning record since 2003, and that was the season Warner got benched for Marc Bulger.

Basically, it's been a rough ride for fans since Warner left, and it sure as hell would be nice to experience some positive associations for the team again -- especially when the team's owner could be planning to move the Rams back to LA.. In a way, the Rams are banking on the team's off-the-field appeal this season in the form of openly gay lineman Michael Sam, but that's just not enough to get our blood pumping: We want to remember what winning feels like, and for that we need to remember -- and honor -- what Warner accomplished in his three great seasons here.

Multiple columnists have pointed out that (with few exceptions) the Rams' Ring of Fame is reserved for players inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Fine, don't put Warner into the Ring of Fame, but at least retire the guy's jersey, or throw a party for the fifteenth anniversary of winning the Super Bowl. Help us out, Rams: Do something to demonstrate that Warner's story is, inherently and forever, a St. Louis one.

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