The Soup Takes On Chesterfield Police Officer's Hidden Camera Poop Porn

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Joel McHale on The Soup.
A local news story about a Chesterfield police officer's hidden camera porn site earned a national audience last week on The Soup, Joel McHale's weekly round-up on E! of the most hilarious clips on television.

Chris Hayes' Fox 2 Now investigation helped Chesterfield Police identify one of their own, six-year officer David Cerna, as the twisted mind behind the hidden bathroom cameras in the Mobil On the Run just south of Chesterfield Mall.

(Cerna didn't stop there. Read about the Craigslist ads and the glory holes involved in our Daily RFT story: "Cops Arrest Cop for Secretly Recording Men Using Restrooms and Gloryholes for Porn Site")

Hayes' figured out which bathroom Cerna was broadcasting from with a little help from one of Cerna's victims, Rob Cheney. Luckily for us, Cheney has the light-hearted sense of humor necessary to turn his victimization into a hilariously epic interview.

"When I saw myself pooping, I was just like, you've got to be kidding me," Cheney tells Fox 2 Now in a twangy drawl. Cheney has only lived in the Chesterfield area for about three weeks. "Three weeks and I'm already on poop cam, pretty much. Three weeks, and everybody's seen me poop. That's terrible."

Lou Diamond Phillips, making a guest appearance on The Soup, didn't seem to think it was so terrible. After all, Cheney didn't even beat his record.

"Of course, my record is two weeks before everyone saw me poop," Phillips says, nodding confidently.

Hayes' super-sleuthing plan was to track down each bathroom Cheney had recently taken a dump in and match them to the videos on the porn site. That should be easy for a new-to-the-neighborhood like Cheney, right? How many public poops is this guy taking?

A lot, apparently. As McHale says on The Soup, Cheney is "quite the prolific pooper."

"I had to think because you don't document everywhere you go to the bathroom, so it took me awhile to pinpoint where it was," Cheney says.

From all of us here at Daily RFT, we'd like to heartily welcome Cheney to his new home in the St. Louis suburbs. We need more people who can make the nation laugh with frank and informative reports on their bowel movements.

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