Stray Rescue Named One of America's "Most Amazing" Stray Dog Shelters

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Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim, center, shares updates on St. Louis' problems with cruelty to animals next to Mayor Francis Slay.
One of St. Louis' most beloved and passionate non-profit organizations got a national shoutout last week for being amazing.

One Green Planet, a site dedicated to protecting animals and the environment, named Stray Rescue of St. Louis as one of the five most amazing rescues working in the U.S.

"This tireless rescue group saves stray dogs left on county roads or city streets, abandoned in empty houses or public parks, chained to fences or behind buildings," writes Hannah Sentenac. "They've saved puppies living in decrepit houses, dogs with gunshot wounds, victims of fighting rings and so many more."

Stray Rescue was highlighted along with four rescues in Los Angeles, Dallas, Memphis and Detroit.

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The day before they were named one of the "most amazing" rescues, Stray Rescue workers rescued an abandoned, severely-underweight terrier puppy, now named Little Kimmy, from a dumpster. The dog, which is probably ten-months-old, is now ready for fostering or adoption.

"The rescued pups get medical attention, loving homes, and a new lease on life, thanks to their efforts," Sentenac writes about Stray Rescue for One Green Planet.

Stray Rescue
Morgan and Stanley, two black-and-white puppies with severe skin conditions, were rescued by Stray Rescue.
For years, Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim has combed the city with chunks of hot dog in his pockets to lure sick, stray or abused dogs to safety. But his work goes further than that; Grim says Stray Rescue has helped the successful prosecution of 40 to 50 animal abuses cases since 2012, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Grim spent a lot of time outside during last year's harsh winter finding dogs with frostbitten paws or whose water and food sources had frozen over. In a particularly moving video, Grim rushes a severely dehydrated, malnourished and hypothermic Shepherd mix named Francis to the veterinarian staff.

Sadly, Francis died a few hours after surgery.

"At least he didn't die alone on the streets," Grim wrote on Facebook.

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