The 8 Worst Places to Park in St. Louis

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A concrete parking garage riding a Papa John's -- isn't urban architecture great?
3. Creepy Parking Garages
Parking garages tend to embody a whole bunch of terrible things all at the same time, and St. Louis' downtown garages are no exception. With missing wayfaring signage, temperamental payment machines, randomly locked elevator doors and sketchy lighting, garages like this one at Tucker Boulevard and Locust Street turn the simple task of finding your car into a horror movie.

4. St. Louis County Courthouse
The surface lot next to the St. Louis County Courthouse in Clayton functions like its own special criminal justice system -- but here everyone is presumed guilty. On weekdays there are always a half dozen cars circling like vultures, waiting for someone to leave. No one ever leaves.

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Avoiding banana people during Mardi Gras: Just part of a normal St. Louis commute.
5. Street Festivals and Arena Concerts
We love St. Louis for hosting to so many wild festivals and concerts, but it makes life hard on drivers trying to get from point A to B without leaving a trail of bodies behind them. Soulard during Mardi Gras gets particularly bad with streets closed off and drunkards lurching to and fro. And if you're planning on seeing a show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, don't worry about the parking getting in -- worry about getting out. Escaping from that lot can take more than hour. We recommend packing snacks and a bottle you can pee into.

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6. Central West End
Want to grab some lunch here during a weekday? Maybe happy hour and dinner on a Friday or Saturday night? Good luck with that.

7. The Grove
It may be home to trendy venues and bars, but parking in the Grove can quickly turn from placid to horrendous. With the Demo, Ready Room and the Gramophone sharing the same stretch of Manchester Avenue and the new Urban Chestnut Brewery buffering a residential neighborhood, you're more likely to find an envelope filled with cash than a reasonable parking spot.

8. Cardinals Games
The fans may be the most loyal in all of baseball, but searching for a parking spot from within a sea of red and white jerseys would make Tony La Russa himself curse Fredbird's name.

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