Braland Norman Goes to Prison After Clever Escape from Delmar Loop Shooting

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Red light camera footage of the shooting. Watch the video below.
Braland Norman needed a way out.

He'd just been shot in the back, and his friend, who'd been shot numerous times, had rammed their car into oncoming traffic at the busy intersection of Delmar and Skinker boulevards. Covered in blood and carrying a gun he's not allowed to have, Norman pulled himself out of the shot-out car window and ran to the Moonrise Hotel.

Norman managed to weasel his way into some get-away wheels by convincing a valet he left something in a car the valet had just parked for a different patron, but freedom wouldn't last long. On Monday, a judge sentenced Norman to six-and-a-half years in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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Police recovered the car Norman stole a month after the shooting, in January. By April, Norman pleaded guilty to one felony count of possessing a firearm as a felon, which comes with a ten-year maximum penalty.

Red light cameras caught the drive-by shooting on tape. Norman and the driver, Allie Harper, were stopped at a red light around 7 p.m. December 29 when a blue SUV pulled up and an unknown suspect shot rounds into the car, hitting both men in the back.

Check out Daily RFT's play-by-play of the shooting, using stills from the red light camera.

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Jeff Wacko Bird Trares
Jeff Wacko Bird Trares

The fact that these cameras captured anything of real evidentiary value is an extremely isolated incident. Red light cameras are nothing more than a cash grab by governments under the guise of safety. It municipal theft orchestrated by a company that gets half of the dough, plain and simple.

aaronmccoy242 topcommenter

What a shame, he had such a bright future

Joellen Pickens
Joellen Pickens

Most people I hear whining about traffic cams are right-wingnuts.

Scott Shoemaker
Scott Shoemaker

Though you all don't like red light cameras ? Liberal hypocrites. lol. Predictable

Scott Miles
Scott Miles

And that's why you'll never see Delmar thriving again. So sad. Too dangerous. Can't even enjoy the nice hotel without shot up felons running around.

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