Can St. Louis Be the San Fernando Valley of Amateur Porn? These Guys Think So.

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Jenny takes out her driver's license to prove she's over the age of eighteen and holds it up next to her face as Corey snaps a photo. Kelly does the same. Next, the two look into the video camera and recite a testimonial.

"I am not on drugs, I am not intoxicated, and I don't feel pressured to do this," Jenny says, going by a script that Corey provides. Kelly does the same.

At last it's time to get to work. And because there is no bed on the bare-bones budget set, the women will have to perform their sex scene on a raggedy couch.

Studio Torno
Sam Arcobasso, porn seems like it's in high demand "and the competition around here is slim to none. So it seemed like an easy business to get into."

"It's important to be comfortable, so maybe you guys can talk to each other, kiss, feel each other," Corey suggests.

Jenny and Kelly take the advice and engage in a hushed conversation. Then they start kissing. Both take to each other without any signs of awkwardness. It almost seems natural.

After a few minutes, Corey is ready.

"One of you needs to decide who's gonna be the lead, the one who kind of initiates and takes charge," Corey says.

The women look at each other and shrug.

"I can," Kelly says.

"There ya go. Let's do this," says Corey.

The two strip down to bra and panties and begin kissing and feeling each other up on the couch. It's straight to the point. There's no pizza-delivery scene in this film. Kelly unclasps Jenny's bra and starts licking her breasts.

Taking it all in from a corner of the room is Rory. Though he's just been rejected by the younger Jenny, he's anxious to begin his scene with Kelly.

"It's something I've always wanted to do. Bucket list, ya know?" he says of the chance to star in his first porno. But there's a problem. The shoot between Jenny and Kelly got off to a late start. Now Rory is running late for work.

"My boss just texted me asking where I'm at," he announces during a break in Jenny and Kelly's taping. "I'm gonna have to be out of here by 2:30, and that's cutting it. I didn't know this was gonna take so long."

It's already 1 p.m. and the girl-on-girl scene is nowhere near finished.

"I thought we had you until four?" Sam says.

Rory shrugs. "My boss is texting me, man," he says.

"All right, we'll get this done quick," Corey says.

The women are now having full-on, hardcore sex. Despite being rookies, both appear to be extremely comfortable performing in front of the lights, cameras and strangers. Corey hovers around them with his camera like a drone, swooping in and out to get different angles and extreme close-ups of nether regions. In the process he strains a muscle in the back of his thigh and stifles a scream, not wanting to ruin any good footage.

After about 40 minutes of shooting, Corey needs a break. He says he has a bad sinus infection and the hot lights aren't helping much.

"I'll be back in five," he says.

The girls sit back, relax and remain completely naked on the couch. "It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was," Jenny says. "I was nervous, especially coming up here. And then the people and the lights. But once we got going, all of that sort of just left my consciousness. It's just sex. It's a video, but people see naked bodies all the time. Who cares?"

Kelly agrees.

"I was nervous, too. But it went away," she says.

Corey comes back in. It's time to get back to work.

"OK, we're gonna have to wrap this up soon, so we need an orgasm scene," he tells the girls. "I know it's your first time and there's people here, but if you can bust a nut, then by all means, please do. If not, please fake it as best as you can. With guys, you can easily see it, obviously. That's not the case with girl-on-girl, so we need to illustrate it more."

It's here that Kelly has a confession to make: She's never had an orgasm.

"That's OK," Corey assures her. "We can just fake it. Kelly? Can you go down on Jenny, and let's finish this thing."

Kelly does as requested and Jenny gives a convincing orgasm crescendo, squeezing her breasts and moaning for the camera.

"Great! You both did a great job," Corey says after the cut.

"Really great. Awesome!" Sam adds with a few claps.

The two women have just successfully completed their first porno scene. For their work this afternoon they stand to earn between $50 and $100, that is, if Corey and Sam can sell the film to their distributor. But since today's film was shot solely on spec, Jenny and Kelly leave with little more than a promissory note for future payment. Regardless, Jenny is enthusiastic to shoot more scenes and sees experimenting with pornography as part of her personality.

"Sex has always been natural for me," she says. "I've always been comfortable with my sexuality. I'm the one who my friends always come to for sex advice."

She's also aware that others aren't as open-minded as she is when it comes to porn.

"I don't think it's completely possible to have a normal life and a porno life," she says. "I'm just gonna keep it low-key, do some films with these guys, and see how it goes."

Besides, she adds: "It's way more interesting than my retail job."

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Melonie Brock
Melonie Brock

I don't see a problem with it if that's what they want to do.

Eric Peters
Eric Peters

Can we just all agree that porn is not hip?


For the record, I am NOT the Corey mentioned in this article.  I am a freelance photographer and I do NOT shoot porn. 

Thanks, RFT.


Oh for fuck's sake.  I AM NOT THE COREY IN THIS ARTICLE.

Melanie Chorak
Melanie Chorak

After living a decade in Los Angeles I find this article rather silly tbh.

David J. McCutcheon
David J. McCutcheon

I guess they're doing more to create jobs than most companies around here, eh?

Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy Brooks

Might have given it a shot in my younger days

Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson

I wanna be a soft core porn star, everyone.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

wow then they had to bake a pie-in da pie ( with the flour trick)


This story gets even more flushed out this weekend on when on Sunday from 1-3p on The Q, Sam joins to discuss all of it and even more with us.


Midwest amateur porn. Gross. 

Also - all this hillbilly porn will just be made to appeal to men, like most other porn. That's why the woman is 19 and the dude is some fucking 40 year old. And people wonder why women just watch gay porn. It's one of the few places you can find attractive younger men without beer bellies and back hair. *puke*


“The two women have just successfully completed their first porno scene. For their work this afternoon they stand to earn between $50 and $100, that is, if Corey and Sam can sell the film to their distributor. But since today’s film was shot solely on spec, Jenny and Kelly leave with little more than a promissory note for future payment.”

Must be a typo. Going rate is 10-20 times that amount for amateur porn (and it isn’t paid on spec). If the models are indeed doing it on spec, the pay should be much more than that.

Chance Brown
Chance Brown

lol...funny how the guy Rory is it?!..kept coming up short...dude if you look old try including some Charisma....tell a joke ...something to break the ice....not asking the potential her funny


my band used to practice there! neat.

Enrique Mitchell
Enrique Mitchell

On one of those couches at utopia??? Eeeeewwwww. I wouldn't eat a bag of chips at that place.

whateveryousay topcommenter

No kidding. It costs more to get my car waxed.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


blaming men for the natural occurance of sexual needs is like blaming a mom for needing to breast feed

and there is plenty of porn that appeals to women as the media loves to show grrrrl power with stats and headlines like:

women make most of the sex decisions 


women actually purchase more porn than men

women have an easier go of it when it comes to sex itself as I would think you would know

most anything a women might ask a man to do and he'll do it

( that all goes back to how men are programmed to need it more;so they are more desperate and are willing to do more)

there is also the natural act of females who want older men so there are not games being played etc

if porn were only about good looking people having sex

( and good looking is of course ..subjective)

maybe 90% ofporn wouldnt exist especially amateur stuff


@Brenda Denton Langbein I think $100 for to hours of work is pretty good. 

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


maybe in the valley and for semi known or known girls

I think you might be wanting the females to get pizzzed off with your way way off base assessment 


@d012560c Lol, not if it's lesbian porn. That never makes much money even for professionals.



Except it's on 'spec'.  A decent looking woman can make this money by webcamming without the need to have sex with strangers.



Attractive amateurs command more money because they are fresh meat.  Sites that specialize in that genre pay at least 10x what this guy pays these women (and it is NOT on spec).  Examples are ExploitedCollegeGirls, BackroomCastingCouch, GirlsDoPorn, etc. For $50 to $100, a decent looking woman could make this kind of money just by camming without the need to have sex with anyone. Nothing changes just because we are talking about St. Louis. 

According to Mark Spiegler, there is a relatively straightforward scale for performances by an in-demand actress:

$800 for a girl-girl scene
$1,000 for a guy-girl scene
$1,200 or more for anal sex
$4,000 or more for "double penetration"
For a non in-demand actress (however you might want to define that), cutting these amounts by 50% gives you a pay scale similar to what I have claimed.  You can find similar numbers if you Google "pay rate in porn" (or similar search term).
FYI ... I owned a webcam studio in the Phoenix area as well as being the housemate of the owner of a well known AZ porn site.  What's your experience/credentials?


@maggiev Solo girl scenes make $400+, so lesbian porn certainly makes more than that.

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