Can St. Louis Be the San Fernando Valley of Amateur Porn? These Guys Think So.

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In an industrial stretch of Bridgeton, six people are squeezed into a tiny motel room that's dominated by a king-size bed whose garish comforter features images of Mt. Rushmore, the Gateway Arch and other U.S. landmarks.

"Can't beat shooting a porno in a Motel 6," says Corey. "I mean it. Porn made in California has those big houses with pools and Italian leather couches. Here in the Midwest — we have Motel 6."

Jenny sits on the bed, about to star in her second adult film. But this time, she won't have to reject the male star. Instead, she'll be performing with her boyfriend, Pete.

Studio Torno
The cover of the July 17, 2014, Riverfront Times.

Jenny and Pete say they get off on the idea of doing porn because it involves have sex with other people. Or rather, it involves Jenny having sex with other people — because Pete is only allowed to have sex with her. Pete says he's into watching his girlfriend having sex with other men. Jenny, however, stresses that she doesn't do it solely for him.

"I like that he likes it, but I want to do this for my own excitement," she says.

As Jenny poses for Corey's still shots, easily following directions like "stick your butt out" and "play with your clit," Pete is in the bathroom, trying to get ready.

"He's a little nervous," Sam explains. "First time. It's always hard for the guys."

Stage fright, in fact, is one of the biggest challenges in finding male talent.

"We get responses to our ads and they say they're interested," Sam explains. "But a lot of them just don't show up. I think they get nervous and have second thoughts."

And quite often, even when the male talent does arrive, things don't go so smoothly.

Pete, a lanky twenty-year-old, who with his skinny jeans and shaggy hair looks like he should be playing a guitar in a dive bar, emerges from the bathroom.

"You good?" Corey asks him.

"Yeah," Pete mutters, feigning a smile.

Jenny gives her boyfriend a concerned look.

"It's gonna be fine," she tells him, exuding the confidence of a more seasoned professional. "Just come over here. It's just like we always do."

"You OK? Sure you're ready?" Corey says.

"We're good!" Jenny quickly answers.

The couple begins in typical porno fashion. They strip. They kiss. Jenny goes down on Pete. The room is completely silent except for a slight slurping sound. Pete lets out a muffled sigh, and Corey kills the camera.

"You need to be more vocal," Corey instructs Pete. "Don't go overboard, but make it sound like you're enjoying it. Tell her you're gonna fuck her in the mouth or something."

"Just do like you normally do," Jenny tells Pete.

"And grab her hair — you got hands, buddy!" Corey scolds. He looks over at his business partner, Sam.

"We need to start writing scripts or something," he says. Sam nods in agreement.

Jenny and Pete are going to need more direction, Corey decides, so he draws up a game plan that goes something like this: begin with a blowjob, progress into a 69 position, have Jenny go on top, transition into doggy-style and then the climax.

All parties agree, and Corey grabs his camera. But now there's another problem.

"You're looking a little floppy there, buddy" Corey says. Pete shrugs, embarrassed.

"It's not that I'm nervous," he says. "I'm just into certain things, you know?"

"Like what?"

"He likes choking," Jenny says.

"We can't do that. Homegrown doesn't want violence in the video," Sam explains.

"Grabbing hair and light spanking is as far as we can go," Corey adds.

But that's no reason Pete can't choke Jenny off-camera to get in the mood. And in order to accommodate the couple, Sam and Corey decide to give them some time to warm up.

A few minutes later, Pete is ready. But the choke-play might have gotten him too riled up. A few moments into the blowjob, Pete pushes Jenny's head back and grabs his penis, squeezing it hard as he stares up at the ceiling.

"Fuck," Corey says.

"Sorry, man," Pete replies.

"How come you didn't tell me?" asks Jenny.

"I tried to pull your hair."

"No, you didn't!"

"Guys, it's totally fine," Corey interrupts. "Happens all the time. Don't worry, Pete. Really. It's cool."

Pete, eager to correct the situation, offers a solution: "I can go again."

"Umm...are you sure?" Jenny says.

"Yes. I just need a little time," he says.

"Great! That would be great!" Sam says. "Let's break for lunch, and get back to it."

Pete re-energizes with some McDonald's hamburgers, which aren't exactly an aphrodisiac. It takes more than eight hours for Pete to stay hard long enough to get adequate footage for the 30- to 40-minute porno.

At the end of the day, a tired and worn out Pete gives up. He can't cum. This was supposed to be a creampie video — where the man ejaculates inside the woman and the camera films the semen dripping out between her legs. After ten hours of work, it looks like the goal of the day's shoot won't be accomplished. That is, until Jenny saves the day.

"We can make fake cum," she says. "Just mix a little flour with water. There are recipes online. It looks real."

A quick trip to the supermarket for flour, and the climax is salvaged. Pete fakes an orgasm, Jenny inserts the flour and water mixture into her vagina and, voilà, creampie.

"Genius," Corey exclaims. "I had no fucking idea."

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Melonie Brock
Melonie Brock

I don't see a problem with it if that's what they want to do.

Eric Peters
Eric Peters

Can we just all agree that porn is not hip?


For the record, I am NOT the Corey mentioned in this article.  I am a freelance photographer and I do NOT shoot porn. 

Thanks, RFT.


Oh for fuck's sake.  I AM NOT THE COREY IN THIS ARTICLE.

Melanie Chorak
Melanie Chorak

After living a decade in Los Angeles I find this article rather silly tbh.

David J. McCutcheon
David J. McCutcheon

I guess they're doing more to create jobs than most companies around here, eh?

Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy Brooks

Might have given it a shot in my younger days

Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson

I wanna be a soft core porn star, everyone.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

wow then they had to bake a pie-in da pie ( with the flour trick)


This story gets even more flushed out this weekend on when on Sunday from 1-3p on The Q, Sam joins to discuss all of it and even more with us.


Midwest amateur porn. Gross. 

Also - all this hillbilly porn will just be made to appeal to men, like most other porn. That's why the woman is 19 and the dude is some fucking 40 year old. And people wonder why women just watch gay porn. It's one of the few places you can find attractive younger men without beer bellies and back hair. *puke*


“The two women have just successfully completed their first porno scene. For their work this afternoon they stand to earn between $50 and $100, that is, if Corey and Sam can sell the film to their distributor. But since today’s film was shot solely on spec, Jenny and Kelly leave with little more than a promissory note for future payment.”

Must be a typo. Going rate is 10-20 times that amount for amateur porn (and it isn’t paid on spec). If the models are indeed doing it on spec, the pay should be much more than that.

Chance Brown
Chance Brown

lol...funny how the guy Rory is it?!..kept coming up short...dude if you look old try including some Charisma....tell a joke ...something to break the ice....not asking the potential her funny


my band used to practice there! neat.

Enrique Mitchell
Enrique Mitchell

On one of those couches at utopia??? Eeeeewwwww. I wouldn't eat a bag of chips at that place.

whateveryousay topcommenter

No kidding. It costs more to get my car waxed.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


blaming men for the natural occurance of sexual needs is like blaming a mom for needing to breast feed

and there is plenty of porn that appeals to women as the media loves to show grrrrl power with stats and headlines like:

women make most of the sex decisions 


women actually purchase more porn than men

women have an easier go of it when it comes to sex itself as I would think you would know

most anything a women might ask a man to do and he'll do it

( that all goes back to how men are programmed to need it more;so they are more desperate and are willing to do more)

there is also the natural act of females who want older men so there are not games being played etc

if porn were only about good looking people having sex

( and good looking is of course ..subjective)

maybe 90% ofporn wouldnt exist especially amateur stuff


@Brenda Denton Langbein I think $100 for to hours of work is pretty good. 

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


maybe in the valley and for semi known or known girls

I think you might be wanting the females to get pizzzed off with your way way off base assessment 


@d012560c Lol, not if it's lesbian porn. That never makes much money even for professionals.



Except it's on 'spec'.  A decent looking woman can make this money by webcamming without the need to have sex with strangers.



Attractive amateurs command more money because they are fresh meat.  Sites that specialize in that genre pay at least 10x what this guy pays these women (and it is NOT on spec).  Examples are ExploitedCollegeGirls, BackroomCastingCouch, GirlsDoPorn, etc. For $50 to $100, a decent looking woman could make this kind of money just by camming without the need to have sex with anyone. Nothing changes just because we are talking about St. Louis. 

According to Mark Spiegler, there is a relatively straightforward scale for performances by an in-demand actress:

$800 for a girl-girl scene
$1,000 for a guy-girl scene
$1,200 or more for anal sex
$4,000 or more for "double penetration"
For a non in-demand actress (however you might want to define that), cutting these amounts by 50% gives you a pay scale similar to what I have claimed.  You can find similar numbers if you Google "pay rate in porn" (or similar search term).
FYI ... I owned a webcam studio in the Phoenix area as well as being the housemate of the owner of a well known AZ porn site.  What's your experience/credentials?


@maggiev Solo girl scenes make $400+, so lesbian porn certainly makes more than that.

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