Missouri Lawmakers Want to Drink Booze in the Capitol, But Gov. Nixon Says "No"

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Missouri lawmakers wanted to get their drink on at the capitol, but Governor Jay Nixon shut down that idea with a buzzkill of a veto.

The hardworking legislators in Jefferson City were able to successfully get HB 1359 passed and on Nixon's desk. The bill would have allowed alcoholic beverages to be sold "at events held in the state capitol commemorating anniversaries of the state capitol and the state of Missouri." Revenue earned from lawmakers knocking back a few would have gone into the state capitol commission fund.

But despite the bill's attempt to be fiscally responsible, Nixon wasn't too keen on bipartisan imbibing.

In an official statement, Nixon says families and children don't come to the capitol to see their reps getting ripped:


And in a bit more finger-wagging, the governor adds: "Of the many issues that taxpayers expect their elected representatives to address, selling alcohol in the Capitol is not one of them."

That doesn't mean lawmakers aren't already tipping back a few between votes. There's no law against politicians BYOBing and keeping a bottle in their desk.

Also, because the bill passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate, lawmakers can override Nixon's veto, reports MissouriNet.

If they decide to fight for their drink, that battle will take place in September.

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Jason Charney
Jason Charney

Save Booze. Ban Lobbyist Schmooze! AND FUCK THE BAPTISTS!

Tim Corkill
Tim Corkill

If they dont drink they will get the shakes

Laura Dee
Laura Dee

These people make shit decisions when they are SOBER, and we want to allow them to get drunk at work???? FUCK THAT.

Brian Schaffer
Brian Schaffer

I seem to recall that they still allow smoking in offices in the Capitol building when it has been illegal to smoke in offices everywhere else.

Harrison Elfrink
Harrison Elfrink

I hope Nixon doesn't give these legislative sons of sharks the satisfaction.

Patrick Hickey
Patrick Hickey

"at events held in the state capitol commemorating anniversaries of the state capitol and the state of Missouri." I imagine it would be interpreted so that every day was an anniversary of missouri.

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