St. Louis Gets the Shaft in Tornado Weather Map

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Uh-oh, a storm's a-brewin'. Slip on your raincoats, St. Louis!
Remember when Monday night's storm brought rain, heavy winds and thunder through the St. Louis region?

Well, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tried to give us a heads up that the storm could be a real dick.

Monday's map forecasts the chances a tornado could swell into the region: 2 percent for St. Louis, much of the Midwest and Northeast (in green), and a 5 percent chance in three perfectly positioned clusters: Omaha, Nebraska; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Syracuse, New York (in red-brown).

The hilariously shaped storm is the best thing we've seen since last winter's weather map, which promised to leave St. Louis covered in wintry white precipitation:

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Yes, but how many inches will we get?
Actor George Takei was also tickled by this week's map. He shared it on Facebook, where his fans shared it more than 4,700 times.

So a great big thank-you to the NOAA for keeping us informed -- and entertained -- with this week's severe weather maps, especially the one on the bottom left:

And as always, if your tornado lasts longer than four hours, call your doctor.

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Matt Corcoran
Matt Corcoran

Not sure what anatomy class you took but them balls be in Iowa and Nebraska

Jenny Ingles
Jenny Ingles

This is a stretch. Nothing like our winter storm tho. :P

Kyle Harsha
Kyle Harsha

What's the big deal? It's just an elephant head.

Michelle Fowler
Michelle Fowler

Jiffy, you so silly. Hope all is well, talk to you soon.

Mario Cerna
Mario Cerna

Aaaaahhh....... aaaaahhhhhh I see what you did there!

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