St. Louis Cardinals, These are the Star Wars Fans You've Been Looking For [PHOTOS]

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"Save us, Cardinals. You're our only hope."
Going to the Cardinals game is no excuse to stop your Jedi training, as this dedicated fan shows.
Gunna hit a baseball with that lightsaber?
"Get closer to the droid, kids!"

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Craig Aye
Craig Aye

How does the girl last year get thrown out of the stadium while some of these folks got to stay in the stadium?

Ashley Montes
Ashley Montes

Last year they kicked a got out for wearing a Darth Vader mask

Amy Jo Patton
Amy Jo Patton

We had an amazing time at Star Wars Night at Busch Stadium last night! Congrats, St. Louis Cardinals, on the win!! :-)

Mary Poletti
Mary Poletti

Man, I missed ALL of these people last night. The only cosplayer I saw who didn't appear to be actually affiliated with the Cardinals was a college friend in a Jedi robe. (But I did get a sweet Boba Fett selfie.)

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