Summer Polar Vortex Hits St. Louis: 10 Outdoor Activities To Do Before It's Hot Again

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6. Salvage the city.
Corey Woodruff
Did you know that the Purple Martin's bar is made from Refab materials?
Join Refab's demolition crew and get first pick of the reusable materials they salvage from buildings that would otherwise have been indiscriminately demolished. Some thief recently robbed the nonprofit of the tools needed to turn vacant buildings into reusable materials, so Refab can use all the help it can get. Spend a cool summer polar vortex day swinging a sledgehammer and wearing a hard hat.

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7. See The Addams Family at the Muny.
As magical as St. Louis' outdoor musical theater venue is, it can also be sticky sweaty sitting in those seats as the summer sun sets. It gets so hot, in fact, that the amphitheater recently built fans to cool the air.

But the summer polar vortex arrives just in time to bring near-fall temps for this week's production of The Addams Family, a musical remake of everyone's favorite spooky-yet-relatable family. Don't have a ticket? Pack a picnic and get in line early to nab one of the theater's free seats in the back.

8. Get high.

Laura Miller
Elevate your view of St. Louis by spending a cool summer afternoon on one of the city's best rooftop patios. Snack on something delicious while laughing at the summer suckers sweating their tuckuses off.

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9. Take your dog out.

Jennifer Silverberg
When it gets crazy hot in the STL, it gets dangerous to leave Fido outside for too long. But with this unexpectedly lovely weather, maybe this is the perfect time for a special lunch -- just for the two of you.

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Bogart's Smokehouse welcomes dogs on the patio. Not only is the Ninth Street location a perfect people-watching spot, your dog will re-fall in love with you if you give it some table scraps.

10. Play soccer.
Or go for a run. Or do yoga. Or Rollerblade. Whatever physical activity you've been putting off this summer because of the heat, you officially have no excuse this week. Besides, without any World Cup games in your life, maybe it's time to re-create some of your favorite moments from the cup? We'd avoid biting your opponents, though.

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Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers

God dammit, it's not a polar vortex. It's the Jet Stream dipping further south than normal. Why oh why do people insist on using incorrect buzz words

Deb Woods
Deb Woods

Go see the Lego exhibit at The Garden. No - seriously go! It's SO COOL!

David B Fowler
David B Fowler

Patio night. Music friends, adult beverages and a good cigar

Jennifer Gibbs
Jennifer Gibbs

Terry i'll probably play soccer tonight with Christy

Kelli Mayahi
Kelli Mayahi

Yes laying on a blanket with a cold one ...yup

Kathy McBride Thatcher
Kathy McBride Thatcher

I LOVE this weather! However, the media really needs to stop using the term "polar vortex." It's just the same old cool, dry Canadian air that it has always been. It drops south and visits us from time to time and it's a special treat when that happens during the summer time. :)

Linda SansSouci
Linda SansSouci

Mmmmmmmmm. Is lying on a blanket drinking beer a summer "activity"?? just sayin'

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