The Most Patriotic People at Fair St. Louis (PHOTOS)

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Caroline Yoo
A couple with two impressively American ball caps watches the festivities on Art Hill at Fair St. Louis 2014.
The people of St. Louis proved once again that America is the land of the free this weekend at the city's relocated Fourth of July celebration.

Organizers say the three-day event drew more people to Forest Park than any other event in over a century -- a particularly impressive accomplishment since the forecasted traffic jams and criminal mischief seemed surprisingly minimal. Only one person was arrested during the festival, for discharging an illegal firework, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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But Fair St. Louis wasn't the only place to celebrate all that is red, white and blue. Between a raging foam party at the Old Rock House and the Elvis-impersonating clown who shot himself out of a cannon at Atomic Cowboy, St. Louis was a star-spangled blast this weekend.

So in no particular order, Daily RFT presents our favorite photos of patriotic St. Louisans celebrating America's birthday:

Fair St. Louis

Caroline Yoo
This is probably how The Boss spends the Fourth of July, too.
Caroline Yoo
Red, white and blue are always on trend.
Caroline Yoo
What's more patriotic than cleaning up recycling so the rest of us can party? Way to go, green team.
Caroline Yoo
These guys have a second amendment right to bare arms.

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