Tinder-Style Ad Campaign Encourages Horny Chicagoans to Have Sex in St. Louis

Categories: Adverstising, Sex

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We presume "I'm checking you out" was considered too highbrow for Weekend Quickie.

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Congratulations, H&L Partners: You used opera to make a sloppy seconds joke. Bravo.

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Translation: Hey baby, are you aroused by Simpsons memorabilia?

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Kevin Knierim
Kevin Knierim

Pretty much tells ya that you gotta have money to get a woman's attention here. City of gold diggers!

Terry Deschain
Terry Deschain

Via friend: "When I thought we couldn't get a more ominously defined rape culture we just slip into SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE AND HAVE LOTS OF SEX TOO!!!"

Nanci Neuman Kavich
Nanci Neuman Kavich

I suppose they won't be needing any profile writing help from Profile Wingman

Cest Lavie Boheme
Cest Lavie Boheme

Yes, come have sex in the city that closes down bars if a female patron flashes her breasts, and a state that kicks women out of waterparks for wearing a "too revealing" bikini.... also a state with 10 of the 72 "vs Sibelius" cases (like Hobby Lobby's case). Hilarious.

Tara Broadway
Tara Broadway

Should come with a prescription of Valtrex..lol

Scooter Von Donaken
Scooter Von Donaken

I used to live in Chicago, you don't have to walk that far on Rush Street, plus you can walk home.

jaco1175 topcommenter

You would know all about that wouldn't you skank?

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