Weirdest Lost and Found Items on St. Louis Craigslist


We had no idea that so many residents have pigeons -- or that they'd be so difficult to keep!

Homing pigeon found (Arnold) Found in Arnold one homing pigeon that is banded (Contact info here)

But shouldn't a homing pigeon know how to go home?

found tame brown pigeon (s. kingshighway)
my brother saw a unusual brown pigeon yesterday in the parking lot of Big Lots on s kingshighway. He took notice because a child was attempting to kick at the bird. afraid it would be injured, my brother picked it up and brought it home. it is in my brother's & Dad's back yard and will not leave. they have given it some food and water. we suspect it is someone's pet. (Contact info here)

Wait, might the pigeons above and below be the same bird?

Found a fancy pigeon (south st. louis) Found a fancy pigeon in the vicinity of gravois and Loughborough....he's obviously somebody's pet by his mannerisms. (Contact info here)

Won't somebody please think of the pigeons?

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Ian "Harry" Harris | Flickr


Dogs, cats and an apparently giant flock of pigeons aren't the only animals living it up out there.

Found pony (Dittmer area) Found pony. You must be able to identify. Contact Suzette (Contact info here)
Did anyone lose 2 ducklings? (Weird I know lol ) (Imperial ) I just found 2 ducklings walking up my street. We don't have a lake or anything near by so it makes me think they belong to a neighbor. Anyone looking for their missing ducks? :) (Contact info here)

OK, for real, how on earth do you lose a pony?

Do you think you're lucky, punk? Find out on page three.

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Trackers are useless unless you put them on your belongings beforehand. It requires people to be pro-active, which they are not. Re-active is more like it. For that, folks should use for reporting and searching anywhere, anytime.


The truth is that almost every "lost" item gets found by someone. The problem is getting it back to the owner.  If the finder is not able to easily figure out who it belongs to it won't get returned. This is why putting tracker tags from on all your stuff is such a great idea. They make it easy for someone finding your lost things to return them quickly without having your personal information exposed.

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