Weirdest Lost and Found Items on St. Louis Craigslist

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We're holding onto hope that readers will be able to help with the pigeons, ponies and miscellaneous junk. But jewelry and cash? Lovies, as much as we want to believe the best in people, you're probably out of luck unless a member of the uber-virtuous Brady Bunch found your stuff.

Lost: $100. Ferguson/Dellwood (10794 New Halls Ferry Road) On May 17th, in the mid morning, I lost two $50 bills. That was my last $100. It could have been found near O'Reilly's. Please hand it to the folks in the Pawn Shop. They'll know how to return it. Or add it to a church collection this weekend. Thank you. (Contact info here)
Lost $300 at Walgreens (Delmar and 170) I had just been paid by my mother to mow her and her husbands grass for the summer. I was on my way home with it but had to stop by Walgreens first... Last time I remember seeing it was at Walgreens at Delmar and 170. I'm broke now but if anyone happens to see or hear anything let me know. Thank you. (Contact info here)
Class Ring Found
Class ring with engraving on the inside found on May 11, 2014 at the bus stop at the intersection of Lindell Blvd and Compton Ave. (Contact info here)

Quick, someone tell Jostens!

lost my diamond out of my ring (house springs-fenton-pacific-eureka) Ok I know this is a long shot but miracles happen. The stone is diamond shape and isover 1 caret other wise know as marquees . Please if you have found my stone please return it to me. It has sentimental value. I will give a reward to the person that returns it. It could be lost in fenton high ridge house springs eureka pacific any of these towns. Please if you find it get it back to me. Thank you (Contact info here)

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, you know. Here's hoping someone takes a shine to helping.

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Trackers are useless unless you put them on your belongings beforehand. It requires people to be pro-active, which they are not. Re-active is more like it. For that, folks should use for reporting and searching anywhere, anytime.


The truth is that almost every "lost" item gets found by someone. The problem is getting it back to the owner.  If the finder is not able to easily figure out who it belongs to it won't get returned. This is why putting tracker tags from on all your stuff is such a great idea. They make it easy for someone finding your lost things to return them quickly without having your personal information exposed.

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