Woman, 9-Year-Old Girl Injured in Crossfire in Shooting near Downtown

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A gun battle hurt two innocent victims Saturday night in a neighborhood just south of downtown St. Louis.

A 26-year-old woman and a 9-year-old girl were struck by bullets during the shooting around 9:40 p.m. in the 1100 block of S. 14th Street, near Peabody Elementary School, according to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. They did not appear to be the targets of the shooting.

The 26-year-old woman told police she was waiting in a parked car to pick someone up when she heard multiple gunshots and felt pain in her arm. She called police and was taken to the hospital, where she's in stable condition for gunshot wounds to her arm and buttocks.

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The 1100 block of S. 14th Street.
A nine-year-old girl was also injured. Police say she was standing inside a residence when a bullet entered the front door and grazed her buttocks. Medics treated her at the scene and released her to her mother.

Police say they're still looking for the two male suspects. Witnesses told KSDK (Channel 5) that two or three lurking men shot at and missed a man who walked into a home from a white Nissan.

Here's the full report from police:

Incident: Assault 1st (Shooting)

Location: 1100 block of S. 14th

Date/Time: 7/12/14 @ 21:40

Victim #1: 26-year old female

Victim #2: 9-year old black female

Suspect(s): Two black males

Victim #1 stated she was waiting in her parked vehicle in front of the above location to pick someone up when she heard multiple gunshots and felt a pain in her arm. Victim #1 realized she had been shot and contacted this department. Victim #1 was conveyed to a hospital and treated for gunshot wounds to her arm and buttocks and listed as stable. Victim #2 was standing inside of the residence when a bullet entered the front door and grazed her buttocks. Victim #2 was treated by EMS at the scene and released to her mother. The investigation is ongoing.

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Thomas SanFilippo
Thomas SanFilippo

Why would they throw another blemish at downtown when this wasn't even downtown?!?! "Near downtown?" Why?!?

Kevin Rudroff
Kevin Rudroff

Make owning an illegal firearm punishable by death. Sorry,I have no concern for people who have no respect for the lives of others.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

not obama. the idiots that bought into that hope and change crap.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

Besides, what difference does it really make Brett?

Lucas Adams
Lucas Adams

St.louis.. where you will eventually get shot. Welcome home.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

I hope you are not talking about Obama as if he has anything to do with this? Because if so....Seek help.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

Did not a musician just get hit with a stray bullet not even a few weeks ago? WTF

Matt Cook
Matt Cook

Glad to see the concern and not cynical assholishness.

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