St. Louis Cardinals Fans Blame Jonathan Lucroy, Star Wars for Yadier Molina Injury

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As Cardinals fans were thinking about the Brewers, Brewers fans were thinking about them back. Brewers fans were quick to jump on Molina's injury, simultaneously celebrating the ascension of their hometown catcher and the despair of the Cardinals fans:

Brewers fans reveling in Molina's bad luck just rubbed salt in Cardinals fans already-painful wounds:

So Cards fans were already feeling understandably sensitive when they got another blow: During color commentary at Saturday's game between the two teams, former MLB player Gabe Kapler said it was "poetic justice" that Lucroy would start in the All-Star Game.
And another round of Twitter fury began.

Wary of incurring the wrath of the best fans in baseball, Kapler send out a Twitter apology, saying he didn't mean to take joy in an injury:

But not everybody blamed Lucroy for Molina's bum thumb. Many looked to a galaxy far, far away for the answer:

Jon Gitchoff
The Force was not with Yadi on Star Wars night.

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In the end, neither the Milwaukee Brewers or George Lucas are to blame for the beloved Yadi's injury. No one is. And as the weekend died down -- and the fever-pitch Twitter feuds with them -- fans got back on Twitter to wish the newly-DL'd Molina a happy 32nd birthday on Sunday.

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