Yadier Molina Leaves Brother Jose a Present on Home Plate, Cracks Himself Up

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Oh, Yadi!
Yadier Molina may have broken our hearts when his injured thumb put him on the DL for up to twelve weeks, but he quickly reminded St. Louis Cardinals fans why we love him with a cute little gag at the expense of his brother and Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jose Molina.

Before the bottom of the first inning, Molina had third base coach Jose Oquendo leave two packages of peanut butter cheese crackers on home plate for his brother.

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Molina, sporting a red cast on his injured arm, could barely keep his sunflower seeds in his mouth as he giggled adorably with infielder Daniel Descalso over the light-hearted prank.

Jose Molina seemed equally delighted as he stuffed the crackers into his back pocket, where they stayed for the rest of the game. There must have been something lucky about those crackers; the Rays beat the Cardinals 3-0 Wednesday night.

So well played, Yadi. This is way more adorable than that time Terry Pendleton left a McDonald's cheeseburger on third base for Eric Gregg:

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Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

I would like to see a story on, "What would it take for STL to love Pujols again?"

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

We are so lucky to have Yadi and his wonderful personality as apart of our Cardinal team.

Jeff Neilsen
Jeff Neilsen

The Tampa Bay broadcasters made it funniest of all.

Kelli Mayahi
Kelli Mayahi

Smooth move Yadi. ..hope all is goin well! !!;)

Andria Larson
Andria Larson

\/ that guy is still upset.......#brotherlylove

Tom Diveley
Tom Diveley

"broken our hearts"? Its a fucking thumb injury.

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