Yahoo and Tumblr Refuse to Take Down Illegal "Pee Porn" Photos from a Chesterfield Bathroom

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Tumblr and its parent company, Yahoo, apparently want to keep online illegally obtained photos of men using a public restroom in Chesterfield.

This goes back to that story of the St. Louis County cop who was arrested for allegedly putting a small camera in the air vent in a gas station bathroom. That cop was fired and now faces a class D felony (the lowest possible felony). But now, despite the main website being shut down, KTVI (channel 2) reports that the images are still on Tumblr and the company refuses to take them down.

A man interviewed by KTVI says he was a frequent user of the gas station restroom in Chesterfield and he thinks there's a good chance images of him doing his business are floating around online. But when he asked Tumblr to take down the images obtained from that bathroom, the company told him that "we need to hear directly from someone who is being featured..."

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Yahoo owns Tumblr. Daily RFT reached out to both sites but have yet to hear back.
The situation has resulted in some online anger with people tweeting the hashtags #hiddencamera and #tumblr.

A Tumblr site that reblogged many of the illegal images directly from the original site has been taken down. It's not clear if this was done as a result of the criticism Tumblr and Yahoo have received.

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Benjamin A. Snow
Benjamin A. Snow

Its only because the victims are white straight cis males. This IS Tumblr after all.

Neil Aimaro
Neil Aimaro

Well Missouri never put Chuck Berry in jail for his crimes so I'm not surprised.

Ryan Masters
Ryan Masters

...... I'm assuming you're all new to Tumblr.

Ashley Keely
Ashley Keely

Tumblr won't take down pictures of someone peeing but Instagram deletes pictures of half naked fat women. The internet is a strange place.

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