High-Speed Boat Flips on Lake of the Ozarks, Kills Mike Fiore After Horrific Crash [VIDEO]

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A boat racing in the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout flips into the air and crashes.
The founder of an offshore powerboat company died Tuesday after his boat launched into the air, flipped and crash-landed on the Lake of the Ozarks during a racing event.

Michael Fiore, 44, was the throttleman in a 42-foot catamaran when it crashed Saturday on the milelong racing course. He was airlifted to a hospital in Columbia, where he died after complications from surgery, according to Lake News Online.

The boat's driver and only other occupant -- Joel Begin, 47, of Valley Field, Quebec -- was injured and survived the crash at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout event.

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"We are devastated by what's happened," Ron Duggan, committee chairman for the race, said to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We've never experienced anything like this in our 26 years."

The crash was caught on video by people filming the race. These racing fans watching from a nearby dock begin scream with fear as the boat flies into the air:

Commentators for Fox KRBK call the crash "one of the most harrowing pictures we've ever seen at this event":

The Missouri Highway Patrol blamed the crash on wind, which picked the boat up as it traveled about 170 mph, causing it to flip end over end and crash-land in the water. But other boats on the race course, including at least one traveling at a top speed of 244 mph, didn't have the same problem.

"It was a smooth course -- no waves, no bumps," Duggan told the Post-Dispatch. "A big bluff protects them from wind. For some reason, the boat just trapped air underneath it and flipped."

Fiore was the owner of the Rhode Island-based Outerlimits Offshore Powerboat Company and had a wife and three young children.

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But, should probably include a comma after it. It's NOT a race course whatsoever. No one is racing anyone else. Have some DAMN respect for people that lose their lives on a daily basis doing what they LOVE. 


Again...the RFT reporting on an event they have zero knowledge of. Probably because their hipster reporters are too busy doing Molly at some "EDM" event out of the state. 

Ted Fath
Ted Fath

Maybe if you weren't stirring the pot and tensions with the Ferguson riots, you could've had a more timely release of this story.


can anyone explain the roles of the "throttleman" and "driver" in power boat racing?

billj598 topcommenter

@heppy  Sure, one drives with both hands on the wheel and the other controls the usually multiple numbers of engines.  In true, Oceanic or Great Lakes offshore racing, many times the driver also navigates the course but sometimes they will use a third person to do just that.  The "throttleman" has to reduce engine speed when the boat's propellers come clear of the water when encountering rough water to avoid over-revving the engines.  It's painfully obvious in these videos that the throttleman didn't reduce speed quickly enough when the bow of the tunnel-hull boat started what's known as "blowing over".  Tunnel hulls and hydroplane hulls are notoriously susceptible to this catastrophe but they use their design to lift more of the vessel's hull clear of the drag-inducing water, thus increasing speed.  

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