Live Blog: 31 Arrested, 2 Shot, Police Under Attack in Ferguson

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11:50 p.m. - Police are ordering protesters off the street and corralling media into a staging area. This is weird because the governor told Ferguson there would be no curfew tonight.

Arrests happening. At least four people were put on the ground and ziptied, says our reporter on the scene. Police are wearing gas masks.

"Those that didn't move fast enough were arrested here," says Danny Wicentowski, RFT reporter. Police are pushing protesters to the police line on the north end of West Florissant Avenue.

This is all in response to shots fired, says St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson.

11:40 p.m. - Code 2000 called, KSDK (Channel 5) says. That means police need 50 more officers.

Things are calm as everyone recovers from tear gas.
11 p.m. - Tear gas and flash bangs fired at QuikTrip.

Police have fired multiple tear-gas and flash-bang canisters into the crowd at QuikTrip. An ominous cloud of gas is moving down to the other end of the street, where there's a strong line of police.

Danny Wicentowski, the RFT reporter at the QuikTrip, says protesters are throwing canisters back at police and using portable toilets to block the road from police vehicles.

From Wicentowski: "I heard six loud cracks that didn't come from police (from Canfield Drive, behind the QuikTrip). I believe they were gunshots, but whatever they were, police had already resisted when a glass bottle was thrown and many, many water bottles. Whatever set them off came from a different group of protesters from the rear parking lot."

Protesters are washing the tear gas out of each other's eyes.

That fire appears to be from a street sign.

Chaos at QuikTrip makes this super creepy:

10:45 p.m. - Someone stole a yield sign. Police don't like it.

A woman who's been demonstrating all night holding up a sign has been arrested. Leaders are asking protesters to move away from the police line, but few are leaving.

A crowd has been gathering at the QuikTrip. Police don't like that either. They're not supposed to be there.

Danny Wicentowski, the RFT reporter at the QuikTrip says, four armored tanks and about 24 SWAT team members are showing restraint to the about 40 people demonstrating illegally in the parking lot. Another 30 or so people are watching from the rear parking lot, and media have gathered to watch along the road.

The only thing keeping folks calm tonight is the tireless effort of community members and faith leaders. And Governor Jay Nixon knows it.

Thanks for nothing, Governor:

10:33 p.m. - And again, Ferguson is a no-fly zone. The governor's office has ordered that only relief aircraft be allowed under 3,000 feet above Ferguson.

St. Louis County Police asked the FAA for a no-fly zone last week because rioters were shooting at police helicopters.
10:30 p.m. - Protesters are leaving the scene, leaving swarms of media behind. Police frantically back protesters onto the sidewalk, then suddenly stand back.

10:14 p.m. - Police are ordering everyone onto the sidewalk. Reports of water bottles thrown.

No tear gas yet.

Just north of the Quiktrip, a crowd of about 75 people are lining up and antagonizing police, says RFT reporter Danny Wicentowski. Two armored trucks guard the area with SWAT team members with assault rifles and gas masks.

Suddenly, things on West Florissant Avenue are calm again.
10:05 p.m. - Shots fired.

This could explain the line of police vehicles and officers who just sped off toward Canfield Drive minutes ago.

10 p.m. - There's a standoff between protesters and police, but cooler heads are trying to keep things calm.

The sound cannon has been turned off, and community leaders are still forming a peaceful line in front of police. Oh, just kidding, the sound cannon is back on.

An armored police vehicle drove through the crowd on the street, dispersing demonstrators.

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