Live Blog: 31 Arrested, 2 Shot, Police Under Attack in Ferguson

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9:50 p.m. - Uh oh, things are changing rapidly. Sound cannons are going off. Here's what happened:

The crowd swells as protesters march toward police during their moving protest, and things quickly become tense. Someone throws a rock. Police form a line, and things calm down for a second.

Then the trucks come out and over the megaphone, protesters hear: "Disperse now! Back up now!" Debris is thrown at police.

Now the sound cannon is going off. Riot cops are gathering with wooden batons but no heavy weapons, says RFT reporter Danny Wicentowski.

9:45 p.m. - From Riverfront Times reporter Ray Downs: "Only businesses open are barber shop and burger joint. You can still get a snack and a shape-up."

Ray Downs
Open for business in Ferguson.
And if you can't afford to pay for a meal, this family is handing out free food to protesters:

Ray Downs
A family giving out free food to protesters Monday night.
Captain Ron Johnson is updating the press and says things are much more low-key tonight: "Today we have more community leaders out here. Some are just mothers and fathers. Sisters and daughters are out here helping, asking people to leave the protest in peace."
Danny Wicentowski
Protesters move south on West Florissant Road. They have to keep moving or risk arrest.
9:30 p.m. - Students in Ferguson were supposed to start school Thursday. Now, classes are cancelled all week. This is a tough break for families who depend on free or reduced breakfast and lunch programs, especially with local stores closed or limited by looting and unrest in the neighborhood.

So far, things on the ground in Ferguson are peaceful. A fight led to two arrests, but overall the streets seem to be clearing as activists urge demonstrators to go home.

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