Watch Police in Ferguson Arrest, Tear Gas Journalists [VIDEO]

Police launched a tear gas canister near an Al Jazeera news crew, tear-gassing one journalist and causing the rest to flee. Reporter Ash-Har Quraishi tells Al Jazeera the news team thought they were in a safe area when the tear gas started.

"The Al Jazeera crew were in a place we believed to be safe," he said. "Soon afterwards people started running towards us, saying they were being fired on with rubber bullets. Rubber bullets were fired on us, and then a canister. We had to retreat into the neighborhood."

KSDK (Channel 5), which was also filming in the area, caught their run from tear gas on tape:

In a move that left onlookers across the county shocked and upset, police also arrested Alderman Antonio French, a former journalist whose video updates on standoffs with police have opened a vital portal into the unrest. As of 6:20 a.m. French was still in jail, charged with unlawful assembly, and protesters gathered in front of the police station all night to demand his release.

Followers noticed French was uncharacteristically silent on Vine, a video-sharing network, for about two hours before French's wife confirmed on Twitter that he'd been arrested from his car on then-unknown charges.

French is expected to be released shortly. Here's the last video he took before being arrested:

Riverfront Times had our own issues with smart-talking police while covering demonstrations in Ferguson Wednesday night...

...and reporter Ray Downs says police threw a tear gas canister at him last night on a residential street with no one else in sight. That brought back some memories.

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