5 Reasons the St. Louis Rams and Sam Bradford Are Cursed

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Sam Bradford: The unluckiest man in the NFL. But is he cursed?
Have you heard? The St. Louis Rams are cursed -- cuuuurrrsed!

Indeed, quarterback Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury on Saturday has sports journalists and fans contemplating the supernatural to explain both the Ram's bad fortune and Bradford's ever-so-delicate ligaments.

Bernie Miklasz's Monday column got right to the point; the Post-Dispatch writer conceded that while his rational faculties normally prevent him from believing in curses, "the Rams and Bradford are really, really, testing me on that."

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ESPN beat writer Nick Wagoner upped the ante with his evocatively spooky column -- "Dark cloud still hovers over Rams." Possibly inspired by the anguished Tweets posted shortly after Bradford went down, Wagoner theorized that the past fifteen years of Rams heartache is somehow connected to the magical 1999 Super Bowl season.

"It's hard not to wonder," he wrote, "if one of the team's then power brokers, someone such as president John Shaw or president of football operations Jay Zygmunt, made some sort of deal with the devil to create that perfect storm."

In any case, Twitter users were quick to establish the "Rams are cursed!" bandwagon after Bradford went down clutching his left knee.

Granted, all this curse talk could just be fans' natural reaction to the prospect of another doomed season, especially since the Rams must somehow compete in the monstrously talented NFC West division. But Daily RFT doesn't shy away from paranormal investigation: If the Rams really are cursed, somebody must have put that hex on us. Here are the likely culprits:

1. Sam Bradford

Milk may help build strong bones, but it didn't do anything for Bradford's ACL on Saturday.
Of course, the injured quarterback himself could be the source of the Rams' curse. Drafted in the first round in 2010, Bradford was hyped as the next Kurt Warner and given a rookie contract so bloated that it's now commonly referred to as "The worst contract in the NFL."

Then there are Bradford's performance issues on the field, his inconsistent accuracy and his tendency to dink-and-dunk with short passes while wasting the talent of speedy receivers like Tavon Austin. We could go on, but that territory is very, very well trod. Now, after four years of disappointment, most reactions to Bradford's injury are those of empathy toward a young man whose career may very well be over.

Continue for more possible sources for the Rams curse.

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Stephanie Mondaine
Stephanie Mondaine

The Rams made a huge mistake by not drafting a QB. They knew they had a hurt QB. That's their own stupidity.

Tony Gardiner
Tony Gardiner

Last time the rams lost their QB in the pre-season, Kurt Warner stepped up and they won the Super Bowl. #imjustsayin

Gina Beaux Bina
Gina Beaux Bina

Might be the best thing that ever happened to them, remember Kurt Warner!

John Marco
John Marco

No one cursed them. They went with a guy who in college had to have major surgery to continue to play. They gave him 50 million dollars guaranteed. They act surprised that this player who had already been compromised by injury before he ever touched a football in the NFL would continue to be plagued by them. In other words they cursed themselves. Now the team and the fans have to suffer through yet again mediocre football.

D'airwreck Briner
D'airwreck Briner

Mike freaking Martz. When he went with Bulger. It's all his fault

Rita Kiry Ryan
Rita Kiry Ryan

There is no such thing as a curse. What happened here is a case of poor management. Bradford is the right quarterback brought in at the wrong time. He was drafted by a poor team with bad management and little to no talent. Snead and Fisher came into the situation, and fixed the defense first because it was an easier fix than the offense. This left Bradford to struggle with no reliable help except SJackson, who was already on the decline. Now that there's more help on the offense, Bradford is too broken down to play. He needs to take the next two full years off and heal completely. When he returns, he should go to a team that's close to winning it all.

LaTrina Rogers
LaTrina Rogers

This could be a Trent Green to Kurt Warner moment. #hoping

Gary Reinhardt
Gary Reinhardt

U guys should stick to mike brown posts Instead of trying to comment on sports Cursed? They have a title in the last 15 years right? Ok go tell a cubs fan about curses

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