Who's Who of Ferguson Protests: Leaders, Activists

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The Watching World

"The World Is Watching" is more than a social-media catchphrase or a fodder for protest signs. Indeed, Ferguson is being watched, and the world seems disturbed by what it's seen so far.

Jessica Lussenhop
The Amnesty International delegation in Ferguson is the first of its kind -- ever -- to set foot in the United States.
Amnesty International
Things must be bad if Amnesty International arrives on scene. The global human-rights watchdog group makes frequent stops in countries beset with corruption and strife, and the Middle East keeps the organization busy. But now a thirteen-member delegation is exploring Ferguson.

"This is a human-rights crisis in America," executive director Steven Hawkins told Daily RFT earlier this week. He says the group is alarmed at police's expansive "must walk" laws enforced on West Florissant Avenue. He characterized the police's tactics toward protesters as a threat to free speech.

The National Lawyers Guild's observers wear hats that are, in fact, quite easy to observe in a crowd.
Legal Observers
If you're a Ferguson protester, you should know that the probability of getting arrested has risen sharply in the past several days. Police in Ferguson arrested more than 100 people since Sunday, and at times officers appeared to simply target the nearest young black man in sight.

The deteriorating situation in Ferguson has attracted dozens of lawyers from across the country to don the neon green hats of Legal Observers for the National Lawyers Guild. They can be seen handing out pamphlets or advising protesters on their rights -- but even lawyers aren't immune from arrest: The National Lawyers Guild reported that police arrested Legal Observer Max Suchan and detained him for four hours Wednesday morning.

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