Yet Another Ranking Says Saint Louis Zoo is Tops in U.S., World

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Steve Truesdell
"We're No. 4? No duh. What a yawn."
Here in St. Louis, we know our zoo is one of the best in the world. Now a ranking from travel site TripAdvisor makes that official.

Of the 275 top zoos in the world, the Saint Louis Zoo ranks at No. 4, between No. 5 Singapore Zoo in Singapore and No. 3 Loro Parque in Spain, according to TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice awards, released this week. Only two zoos in the country rank higher than the Lou's: Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, and the San Diego Zoo.

TripAdvisor says it based its awards on the quantity and quality of reviews posted by the site's users over a year.

Nine of the top zoos in the world are in the U.S.

In June, USA Today conducted a poll asking people to vote for their favorite zoo. The Toledo Zoo walked away with the title, but Saint Louis Zoo came in No. 2 thanks to the dedication of its fans.

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"We've never seen ANYTHING like the passion our readers have for their favorite zoo!" writes USA Today (emphasis original). "In an historic '10Best Readers' Choice' contest category, zoo enthusiasts voted in record numbers -- shattering previous vote tallies by a mile -- in pursuit of seeing their hometown zoo land the coveted No. 1 spot."

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Brandon Thurman
Brandon Thurman

Ryan Masters is speaking the truth for depressing

Susan Newcomb
Susan Newcomb

My daughter, son in law and family moved to Kirkwood, MO and love the zoo.

Ryan Masters
Ryan Masters

Ha. Go there and see a bunch of sleeping, activity deprived, helpless animals. People say zoos save species... If those animals could talk, they would probably chose death over imprisonment.


The trip advisor link has St. Louis Zoo at #3!!!

egolterman topcommenter

Bravo.  Now: have then needed a nickel of their cut of the $70 million a year the Zoo-Museums institutions take from the taxpayers?  Nope. Not for more than a decade. These places are 24-hour a day money-making, special events, donations for tax write-offs 'profit centers'. Not enough money for infrastructure repair or adequate police protection, but keep pouring it in to places that dont need it.


@egolterman Let's not forget what this kind of visibility does for bringing in tourism dollars benefiting the region as a whole in many different ways.  Don't be so short-sighted.

egolterman topcommenter

@Mr._T @egolterman  That they bring in tourism dollars does not justify the tax. They wouldn't miss a beat were the tax abolished. Most of the money is spent in the Zoo and tax-sheltered. And it is seasonal as far as tourists.  They make their big money at night with private and corporate parties. MUNY at 14 weeks would draw more overnights stays and also feed the Zoo during the day. There is great misunderstanding of tourism in St. Louis.

jaco1175 topcommenter

@egolterman Big difference Ed is that people like and care about the zoo, no one gives a fuck about the muny, bulldoze it and expand the zoo there says I

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