Drunk Guy Gets in Argument, Punches Woman, Stabs Man, Gets Arrested

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The 3500 block of Delor Street, facing east from S. Grand Boulevard.
A drunken argument turned violent late Sunday night when a man punched a woman and then attacked the man who tried to stop him, according to St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

The men and woman were intoxicated when an argument broke out at 11:30 p.m. in the 3500 block of Delor Street, near South Grand Boulevard, according to police. The suspect, a 51-year-old man, punched the 53-year-old woman.

Another man, 52-years-old, tried to stop the suspect from hurting her, but the suspect wrapped his arms around the man's neck and stabbed him multiple times in the chin.

Both victims were able to escape, and the suspect was arrested. The male victim is in stable condition at the hospital.

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Here's the full report from police:

Incident: Assault 1st (Cutting)

Location: 3500 block of Delor

Date/Time: 8/31/14 @ 23:30

Victim #1: 49-year old black female

Victim #2: 52-year old black male

Suspect: 51-year old black male

The victims reported all subjects were intoxicated when an argued ensued and the suspect
punched Victim #1. Victim #2 attempted to intervene between Victim #1 and the suspect
but the suspect wrapped his arms around Victim #2's neck and stabbed him multiple
times in the chin. Both victims were able to flee the scene and contact this department.
Victim #2 was conveyed to a hospital and listed as stable. The suspect was taken into
custody. The investigation is ongoing.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

No reporters or photographers at the RFT? Google maps street view images, really? And "journalists" complain about bloggers not being professionals.

Natalie Patterson
Natalie Patterson

Does the RFT report on music or upcoming events anymore or just crime?

Laura Dee
Laura Dee

I guess you have to punch a cop or stab a cop in order to get shot to death. Other people aren't as important and therfore not worthy of excessive force.

dalediversity topcommenter

This used to be a nice area, before it became more "diverse", if you know what I mean.  

Kenneth Lee M
Kenneth Lee M

How was it racist? They didn't mention anyone's race. I assume it wasn't one race against another ... nothing to sensationalize to here

Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell

What did The River Front Times report..... St.Louis, the 3rd worse city to live in?!!!!!

Terry Henderson
Terry Henderson

R F T just doing their job racist on both sides they report good DEEDS to let them be (DESIGN) IT IS also this is F B were you can say what you want to but not in the TRUE FACE but WORLD WIDE THERE I BE oh yeah victims LOVE TO BE VICTIMS on BOTH SIDES I understand TRULY I DO but then we are on F B R F T

Mark Wolff
Mark Wolff

This is news. An adopted puppy is not news. This is the kind of real news that should be reported more often. It used to be reported. We should know about these actions rather than cush, feel good stories. These stories affect our community. Now days local news hits one, maybe two stories like this then it is weather and a story about a cat in a tree, then 30 seconds of sports only after another check on weather. The local tv news is not news. This report by RFT is news.

Fred Wortham
Fred Wortham

You know it's time to stop drinking when.....

Tonia Hopper
Tonia Hopper

I'm starting to believe the reporters don't try hard for topics? Lame bullshit

Vincent S Fortson
Vincent S Fortson

Yall never post anything positive about st louis WHY IS THAT?

Joe Mundy
Joe Mundy

Is this a good enough reason for us to riot???? Na, I will just drink a beer and chill. GO BLUES

Tim Corkill
Tim Corkill

since when did people start reporting stuff like this around here?

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