St. Louis County Police Hockey Team Publicly Supports Officer Darren Wilson on Facebook

A site called "Living On the Blue Line: Life of a Police Family" was set up shortly after Wilson killed Brown and the national media set its eyes on St. Louis.

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The Tumblr site, along with its Facebook and Twitter accompaniments, reference events in Ferguson, criticizes the media's coverage of the protests, and shares the worry a police wife has for her husband on the front lines facing protesters:

For the last 14 days, my husband has been working 12 hour shifts in the front lines trying to disperse those that are rioting and participating in the violence in Ferguson, MO. It's physically and emotionally draining for those officers who have been sent in to help. I'm exhausted and I haven't been directly in the chaos. I've started back to school for the year and I'm holding down the fort, taking care of all the things at home. He's tried his best to sleep during the day before each nightshift. I try to sleep at night while he's out having bottles of urine, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and rocks thrown at him. Oh, did I mention there have also been people shooting at them? These are the reasons they are equipped with the gear that some view as "militarized". Ummm, yes, they need it. They need it to protect themselves when the criminals start attacking them. Would you want to just stand there without protective gear while people are throwing things at you and shooting? No, no... you would definitely want the gear too.

The site also explains to novices -- and especially the media -- why the county police need to be militarized in the streets of Ferguson:

Living on the Blue Line is often retweeted by Leavy, the hockey-playing member of the county's special ops team, who tweeted out some unsolicited advice to his followers the very day that Wilson killed Brown in circumstances that are currently unknown:

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