Moline Acres Police Start Giving Out "Cop Cards," Like Baseball Cards for Cops

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Next time Officer Adam Stevens pulls you over, ask for his card.
Gotta catch 'em all.

Moline Acres police will announce at a press conference today that officers will start carrying "cop cards," which resemble baseball cards, in a new effort to improve relationships between police and the community, especially with young people.

Reverend Larry Rice, who runs the New Life Evangelistic Center, says he pitched the idea to local police departments after hearing about a similar program in Vancouver. Moline Acres is the first city to take him up on the idea.

"The biggest problem we have in this area is the big gap that exists between police and youth, particularly African American youth," Rice tells Daily RFT. Especially after last year's unrest in Ferguson, Rice says, the St. Louis area needs a creative way to connect youth and police. "We've got to do things differently than what we are doing right now. We've become infamous around the world, and we continue to do things in a bad way."

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St. Louis Ranked 4th Most Creative City in U.S.

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Bryan Sutter
St. Louis ranked No. 9 for the percentage of the working population in arts, entertainment and recreation.
St. Louis' love for music and abundance of art-supply stores earned the city a No. 4 ranking on a list of the most creative cities in America.

San Francisco tops the list of most creative cities, published by the rankings-happy real estate blog Movoto. St. Louis ranks between No. 2 Orlando and Portland (tied) and No. 5 Atlanta.

"Given that this Missouri city has such a strong tie to music (come on, even its hockey team is called The Blues) it makes total sense that the locals would embrace creativity," according to Movoto. "There were a ton of music instructors and stores, the third most art supply stores, and even the 11th most performing arts."

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Police Discover Suitcase Full of Weed In Car of Guy Peeing In Stranger's Front Yard

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erix via flickr
Yeah, you can put your weed in there.
If you're driving around town with hundreds of grams of weed in your trunk, here's some free advice: Think twice before taking a leak in public, especially when your house is only a three-minute drive away.

A Florissant man faces a felony drug charge after police discovered more than 375 grams of marijuana in his car, according to St. Louis County circuit court.

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How to Send Story Tips to the Riverfront Times

We know St. Louis has a love-hate relationship with the Riverfront Times.

You love when we call out government officials for sentencing a man to life in prison for non-violent marijuana offenses or for forgetting to send a convicted man to prison for his entire thirteen-year sentence. You love when we alert you to hilariously shaped weather maps or write pickup lines tailored to your civic pride. You also love to take full advantage of our uncensored comments sections. (And we love that about you.)

We also know you hate it when we're not covering stories and topics that matter the most to you. That's why we're asking for your help.

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Drowning of Handcuffed Suspect Still Baffles Family, Friends and Witnesses

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Courtesy Brody Baumann
Brandon Ellingson and Brody Baumann at the lake in 2012.
Larry Moreau and his family were cruising the Lake of the Ozarks on a sunny Saturday last May when they noticed a Missouri Highway Patrol boat race past them. Moreau, an engineer from nearby Jefferson City, recalls looking down at the speedometer on his boat and seeing that it read 32 mph. The patrol boat, containing a trooper and another man standing next to each other, was traveling much faster than that.

A few moments later the patrol boat came into view again. This time it was stopped in the middle of the lake's main channel. In front of the boat, a few hundred feet away, was something else.

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St. Louis Gets Rolling on Plans For Bike Sharing

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tsuacctnt via flickr
Kansas City does it. So do Denver, D.C., New York and Boston. Is it time for bike sharing in St. Louis?
St. Louis is in line to become one of the next major American cities to launch a bike-share program, but the days of renting a bike are still years away.

A feasibility study released by Great Rivers Greenway this month shows bike sharing could be successful in St. Louis. More than 60 percent of St. Louis residents said they were either likely or very likely to use a bike share, according to the study. Potential riders say they'd use the service mostly to travel to entertainment and special events or while running errands.

But before bike sharing comes to St. Louis, the city will have to complete two major tasks: create a nonprofit organization to head the program, and raise between $2.7 million and $4.2 million in launch and capital costs.

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Slightly Askew Challenges Gender Roles New and Olde in Or,

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Joey Rumpell/Rumzoo Photography
Slightly Askew untangles Aphra Behn in Or,.
Aphra Behn was arguably the most dangerous playwright in Restoration England. A former spy who believed in personal freedom, free love and the power of the word, Behn's most unsettling trait was perhaps her gender. What sort of woman would write so openly of her sexual desires with Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan army only recently toppled from power?

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"Zoo" Is The Most Popular Word in Online Dating Profiles in Missouri, But Why?

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Steve Truesdell
Hippo Harbor is pretty romantic.
At first glance, Mashable's map of the most used words on dating profiles, organized by state, makes a lot of sense.

Texans and Oklahomans are talking about oil to potential dates, of course. Floridians mention Disney more than anything else, and Indianans overwhelmingly list NASCAR in their online dating profiles. For three of Missouri's neighbors -- Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas -- the most popular word is "farm." No surprises there.

But the most popular word used in Missouri is a bit of a stumper. Why, Missourians, are we putting the word "zoo" in our online dating profiles?

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St. Louis Rams Quietly Cancel FanFest in Latest Confusing Stadium Development

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Steve Truesdell
Rams fans will losing some well-liked events this coming season.
Tracing the ins and outs of the St. Louis Rams stadium drama would be lot easier without all these mixed signals.

And no, we're not talking about the plot recently unveiled by the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers to build a shared $1.7 billion stadium near LA. Although that plan may complicate Rams owner Stan Kroenke's own vision to build an LA-area stadium for the Rams, there's also a good chance the Raiders/Chargers deal is a bullshit scare tactic to leverage tax dollars from Oakland and San Diego.

Rather, the mixed signals come from right here in St. Louis, where the Rams have canceled major fan events for the coming season, while at the same time city and NFL officials are polling fans about their feelings toward a new riverfront stadium.

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Cry-Over City: The 17 Best Places to Cry in St. Louis

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Orin Zebest via Flickr
She's crying because her friends keep calling it Panera instead of St. Louis Bread Company.
Whether you're sniffling or sobbing, blubbering or bawling, everyone needs a good cry in public sometimes. Break-ups, student loans, layoffs, the death of a pet -- any of these can throw us into a full-blown crying jag.

So when the tears threaten to take over, don't run to your car and hide. Embrace your emotions and weep your way to one of these spots.

Here are Daily RFT's picks for top places to cry in St. Louis:

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