Tommy Wiseau to Bring Cult Classic The Room to the Tivoli This Weekend - In Person!

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The Room is considered by some to be the worst movie ever made. That doesn't mean it's hard to watch. In fact, it's so bad, you can't look away -- and its throngs of devoted fans, twelve years after the initial release, have only cemented its cult-classic status.

At midnight this Friday and Saturday, auteur Tommy Wiseau will appear in person at the Tivoli Theatre to screen the film and host Q&A sessions. Wiseau, who has cut his signature flowing black hair, recently defended his work in an interview with Riverfront Times -- and compared himself to Clint Eastwood.

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Disgraced Former GOP House Speaker Rod Jetton Disinvited from Prayer Breakfast

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In the wake of scandal, Rod Jetton turned his downfall into a career.
The church flyer promoting former state representative Rod Jetton's speech was heavy on inspiration and light on details.

"Rod's candid way of explaining his mistakes and pointing out the dangers of putting
his career in front of his faith and family will be of great benefit to fathers focused on accomplishing their professional goals," the flyer read. Hosted by First Baptist Church in Arnold, Jetton's speech was to take place during a men's-only prayer breakfast on August 15.

The flyer continued: "His ability to identify the early warning signs of pride, bitterness and paranoia in his life are exactly the type of cautionary advice anyone who is experiencing success needs to hear."

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Activist Responds to Dent County's Anti-LGBT Rhetoric With the Missouri Courage Scholarship

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On July 13, leaders in Dent County, Missouri voted to fly flags at half-staff on two public buildings to protest the "despicable Supreme Court travesty" of allowing gay people to marry each other.

Facing a national backlash, the Dent County Commission ditched the plan the very next day. But resident Jacob Wilson decided to capitalize on the attention by launching The Missouri Courage Scholarship. His idea was to recognize high school seniors who stand up for the LGBT community and for all other marginalized groups.

Wilson set up a fundraiser on the website Crowdrise. His goal: Raise a thousand dollars a day for every day the Commission had voted to lower the flag (so, twelve days in all).

Riverfront Times is pleased to report that he has succeeded.

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Sen. Dixon Says His Former Homosexuality Was Caused by Child Abuse; Won't Let "Evil" Win

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Bob Dixon and his wife Amanda.
Less than two weeks into his campaign to become the GOP's pick for governor, state senator Bob Dixon continues to field questions about his past.

As we reported last week, Dixon stood up at a 1991 Springfield city council meeting to claim a "religious experience" turned him straight after five years spent living as a homosexual. His comments were preserved in a 1992 Springfield News-Leader article.

Despite his previous public statements, Dixon's struggles with his sexual identity were not well-known. When we spoke to him on Thursday, Dixon did not deny the details in the old News-Leader article, but he declined to elaborate or answer specific questions.

In a subsequent statement provided to St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU 90.7 FM), Dixon appears to link his former homosexuality -- what he refers to as "teenage confusion" -- with a traumatic childhood abuse.

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Feds: Area Tech Firm's Employee Expensed Online Strippers and a Personal Sexual Device

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An employee of World Wide Technology, Inc., a Maryland Heights-based IT firm, was indicted in federal court here last week for secretly using his company credit card to shower online strippers with tips and gifts, and to buy himself a "sexual device" made by Fleshlight, a brand of male masturbation tools.

John David Berrett of Gilbert, Arizona, started working at WWT in 2004. His job was meet with clients both in the U.S. and abroad to offer training and support.

Berrett would submit expense reports to WWT detailing what he'd bought with his company credit card -- stuff like training materials and computer cables.

But in reality, prosecutors allege, Berrett was using the money for other things.

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Six Things to Do This Weekend for $15 or Less

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Cher and Dionne ride again.

July is winding down, but summer isn't over yet. This is a weekend to remember the films, philanthropists and summer camp fantasies of our youth. See you all on the ice.

1. Celebrate 20 Years of Being Clueless
The Saint Louis Art Museum's pick for the Art Hill Film Series this week is Clueless, that formative tale of Beverly Hills blonde teenager Cher Horowitz's inspired journey to better the lives of the "less fortunate." Whether it's the new classmate, two lonely and lovelorn teachers or hurricane victims (who actually don't need more bongs, but thanks?), Cher is there to offer insight and fashion advice. It's the forever campy but oddly relevant '90s flick you will earnestly watch again and again. The Saint Louis Art Museum partners with Artscope, formerly SCOSaG, to enable moviegoers to get their fashion on with a cotton tote bag decoration project. Food trucks do a brisk business starting at 6 p.m., and beverages are sold near the Louis IX statue at the top of the hill. The film starts at 9 p.m., as if you would miss an opportunity to see Clueless on the big screen one more time. Admission is free. Call 314-721-0072 or visit for more information. — Nicole Beckert

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Bob Dixon, GOP Candidate for Governor, Reportedly Lived as Gay Man Until "Religious Experience"

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On Monday, when state senator Bob Dixon stood on his front porch in Springfield and announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for governor, he delivered several lines that drew applause, including this one: "I've spent almost 23 years as a strong supporter of traditional marriage."

He didn't elaborate at the time, but it's been a long journey up to this point for Dixon, 46, who reportedly once lived as a gay man until a spiritual epiphany turned him straight.

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Doc Reveals Unfiltered Truth About Life in Mexico's Cartel Wars

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From Cartel Land, a film by Matthew Heineman
Autodefensas rally in Michoacán, Mexico.
I imagine that most people on this side of the U.S./Mexico border find the stories of drug smugglers and criminal gangs -- of corruption and vigilantism, mass graves and entire towns ruled by warlords -- unfathomable.

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Uber Coalition Defies Traditional Politics

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Uber just bought a full-page ad in the Post-Dispatch
With just a week to go before the next meeting of the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission (MTC), UberX -- the online ride-hailing service -- has ramped up its PR campaign to break into the local market with a full-page spread in the Post-Dispatch.

The ad boasts the support of nearly 200 business leaders and professionals (and if you want to see the full list, click here).

Implicitly, by the way, this ad highlights something odd about the pro-Uber coalition.

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The Nine Types of St. Louis Drunks

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Jon Gitchoff
Can science explain these drunks?
A University of Missouri research study on "types of drunks" has been blowing up the Internet for the past few days, generating snarky dispatches in Time, New York Magazine, Jezebel, Huffington Post and a host of others, including international outlets. Basically, it's viral clickbait heaven.

The study, according to researchers, used a version of the Myers-Briggs personality test to separate drunks into four categories. There's the "Ernest Hemingway," who appears barely affected by even heavy boozing; the Mary Poppins, who becomes more cheerful and helpful with every shot; the Nutty Professor, a quiet, introverted friend whose inhibitions disappear after a few daiquiris; and Mr. Hyde, the aggressive asshole whose intoxication usually ends with property damage and a stint in the county jail.

But we're calling shenanigans on this science stuff. Identifying drunks is a gut feeling, one derived from extensive field work. You have to take things like geography, sports fandom and socioeconomic status into account, not some egghead's psychological surveys.

What we need is an unscientific breakdown of St. Louis drunks, a study based on nothing more than subjective drinking experience and stereotypes. This is that study.

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