Cyclists Demand Action from Circuit Attorney Weeks After Hit-And-Run Driver Killed Biker

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Lindsay Toler
A bike memorial still marks the spot where Rick Beard was struck and killed by a motorist last month.
It's been 39 days since a hit-and-run driver killed cyclist Rick Beard, a 54-year-old, safety-conscious biking enthusiast.

The biking advocates at St. Louis Bicycle Works know exactly how many days it's been. For every day that passes without charges filed against the person who turned himself in to police in connection with Beard's death, the group tweets to the Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, pressuring her to take action and reminding her that they're watching.

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"I'm Not a Fan of St. Louis:" New York Critic Bashes STL in Meet Me in St. Louis Review

via Wikipedia
What's not to like about Meet Me in St. Louis?
New York native and writer Anthony Stoeckert could have started his review of the beloved musical Meet Me in St. Louis with a note about the stars, the charming score, the set design or, really, anything about the show.

But he didn't. Instead, he came after St. Louis, wondering incredulously how people could actually live there when they have overcrowded, ridiculously expensive islands like Manhattan to move to.

"As a proud New Yorker born and raised on Long Island, I cannot imagine anyone preferring St. Louis to New York," Stoeckert says in his theater review. "New York has Broadway, museums, Carnegie Hall, Coney Island and Yankee Stadium. The best St. Louis has to offer is a giant McDonald's sign."

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Tony La Russa Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball Hall of Fame | @BaseballHall
Tony La Russa is immortal, suckers!

What do you give to a man who has everything? Immortality.

That's what former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa is experiencing now that he's been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. During a weekend full of parades, speeches, dedications and parties, La Russa's legend has been secured for a lifetime. Joined by pitcher Greg Maddux, pitcher Tom Glavine, first baseman/DH Frank Thomas, manager Bobby Cox and manager Joe Torre, La Russa was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 27 after being unanimously voted in by the membership committee back in December.

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PHOTOS: The Best Undressed People of St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride 2014 (NSFW)

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Jon Gitchoff
"Oh, it's the World Naked Bike Ride? How handy, I seem to have misplaced my clothes..."
This weekend St. Louisans discarded society's rules (and their clothes) and hit the streets two wheels at a time, riding in the seventh annual World Naked Bike Ride.

The ride's compound mission, which advocates simultaneously for cyclist safety, positive body image and sustainable travel options, brings all sorts of interesting St. Louis characters out from the fringes: the eco-warriors, the sex-positive feminists, the experimenting college students, the die-hard cyclists, the creepers and so many more.

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FBI Agent Who Works on Child Porn Task Force Charged with Choking 13-Year-Old Boy

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An FBI agent who works with the Boone County Sheriff's Department Cyber Crimes Task Force against child porn is charged with choking a thirteen-year-old boy unconscious.

Special agent Scott Armstrong, 37, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor third-degree assault charges during an arraignment in June and will appear in court on July 29.

According to the Callaway County police department, the incident occurred at Armstrong's residence at around midnight on March 1. In a probable cause statement, the thirteen-year-old claims Armstrong strangled him with a chokehold until "temporarily losing consciousness."

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Michael Cornell: Police Employee Controlled Victim's Life with Rape, Shootings, Arrests

Michael Cornell, 28.
St. Louis Metropolitan police are investigating the egregious actions a civilian employee in the department allegedly took -- including sexual assaults and drive-by shootings -- to control and manipulate a man who first came into his care as a teenage boy.

Michael Cornell, 28, of the 1500 block of Sells Avenue, is in jail facing four counts of forcible sodomy, one count of impersonating a police officer, four counts of deviate sexual assault and one count of third-degree assault. But as the police investigation continues, allegations against Cornell could lead to a variety of other charges, including child pornography, misuse of a law-enforcement database and weapons offenses.

Cornell joined the St. Louis police academy in December 2007, apparently following in the footsteps of family members, but was terminated after four months. He was hired three months later as a civilian employee with the unit that processes suspects into jail.

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St. Louis GateKeepers: Men's Roller Derby Reps STL at RollerCon in Las Vegas

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Caroline Yoo
Roller derby players from St. Louis' top male and female teams practice together at the St. Louis Skatium.
It's a good time to be a dude on roller skates in St. Louis -- especially if you're the kind of dude that likes to hit people.

For the members of The St. Louis GateKeepers, the city's top male roller derby team, these past five months have gone by in a blur of lopsided victories. They're ranked third in the Men's Roller Derby Association, just behind The New York Shock Exchange, but this weekend could change that. The two rivals will be going head-to-head in Las Vegas on Saturday.

"There's very few moments in life where you feel like you're a part of something special, that you know that you're in it," says GateKeepers coach Scott Meyer (a.k.a "Magnum P.I.M.P"), who wrangled a practice Wednesday night with the players still in town. About half the team had already arrived in Vegas for RollerCon, a worldwide derby convention that hosts tournaments and attracts thousands of skaters.

"It's fun as hell," says Meyer, a bearded 33-year-old from Ladue who co-founded the GateKeepers in 2009.

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STL Team Debuts Blaze Brothers at Comic-Con International; Read Special-Edition Issue Now

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Courtesy of Matthew Scott Krentz

When we launched the annual Riverfront Times MasterMind Awards in 2008, we set out to seed a few innovative projects that would help shape St. Louis creatively and culturally. And even though all of our award winners have been talented and successful, we had no idea that one of the first MasterMind recipients would go on to conquer film and comic books on such a noteworthy scale.

But that's exactly what 2008 MasterMind winner Matthew Scott Krentz has been doing. With his writing and production partner, Vernon Whitlock III, Krentz has his fingerprints all over Hollywood. From the critically acclaimed, award-winning film Streetballers to scripts for major studios, the team already has made its mark on the film industry.

But Comic-Con International? That's a whole new level of success.

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Review: The LaBute New Theater Festival at the Gaslight Theater

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John Lamb
Reginald Pierre and Emily Baker in Steve Karp's Rubbas.
Now in its second year, the LaBute New Theater Festival continues to show promise as a showcase for new works by both emerging and seasoned playwrights. Presented by the St. Louis Actors' Studio, the festival places strict requirements on its submissions. Plays must have no major set changes. They must have no more than four characters, and they must run no more than 45 minutes. The idea is to highlight the most essential aspects of dramaturgy: character development, dialogue and plot.

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Former St. Louisan Who Joined Israeli Military Injured in Gaza

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A former St. Louisan who joined the Israel Defense Forces was injured by an explosive device in Gaza on Wednesday during ground operations.

The St. Louis Jewish Light reports that Max Levin, 21, was part of a special unit that handled and disarmed explosive devices. During a house-to-house mission, the unit opened a door to a home that had an explosive device, according to Levin's father, Bud Levin, a former longtime CEO of Midwest Petroleum Co.

Three other IDF soldiers were killed. Levin suffered a shrapnel would to the head but is currently in "satisfactory condition" at a hospital outside Tel Aviv.

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