San Francisco Giants' Hunter Pence Didn't Know Kansas City Is in Missouri

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Andy Rusch via Flickr
Hunter Pence is a little confused about where he is.
Hunter Pence is not in Kansas anymore.

The outfielder for the San Francisco Giants says he didn't realize the Kansas City Royals were based in Missouri until he saw a Royals fan's sign that read: "Hunter Spence thinks he's in Kansas."

"We're not?" Pence thought to himself, he tells Yahoo Sports.

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"Ferguson Commission" Will Study St. Louis' Challenges in Wake of Michael Brown: Nixon

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Danny Wicentowski
On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called for an "unflinching" study of the St. Louis region's challenges in the wake of Michael Brown's death.
The death of Michael Brown and weeks of sustained protests exposed a host of ailing social and economic conditions in the St. Louis region -- like sprawling municipal court systems that prey on the poor, racial divides and, of course, police brutality.

On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced his first direct action to untangle and resolve the broad issues raised by Brown's death. That work will be helmed, initially, by an independent "Ferguson Commission," a roughly fifteen-person body charged with sending specific recommendations to the governor. Nixon said he'll name the commission members sometime next month.

"The men and women selected to serve on this commission must be willing to come together in good faith, endure the fierce crucible of public opinion, and lead the hard work of change," Nixon said in a prepared speech at St. Louis Community College. "This work is not for the faint of heart."

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A Midsummer Night's Dream: The Rep Delivers a Visually Spectacular Show

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Jerry Naunheim Jr.
A lush foray into A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Will someone please take the glitter gun from Susan Branch Towne?

Actually, don't.

Her costumes in the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis' shimmering production of A Midsummer Night's Dream are a marvel, imbuing Shakespeare's work with a signature aesthetic that's at once elegant, whimsical and transportive — the sort of interpretive thumbprint that not only unifies the tale, but makes this otherwise superb production sublime.

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Diary of Anne Frank: New Jewish Theatre Proves Why This Story Bears Repeating

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John Lamb
New Jewish delivers a heartwrenching Diary.
It ends badly.

But we already knew that. When Wendy Kesselman's adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank opened on Broadway in 1997, critics hailed it as a powerful new version that improved on Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett's original play, giving a fuller account of the Franks' Jewishness and Anne's transformation into a young woman. Nearly twenty years later, it's a testament to Kesselman's work that many now consider her stage adaptation simply as The Diary of Anne Frank, which the New Jewish Theatre has brought to heartrending life in its season opener at the Wool Theatre.

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Here's the Agreement that Ended the Occupation of Saint Louis University

Danny Wicentowski
Hundreds of protesters swarmed the Saint Louis University campus last week, demanding action. It seems the university's president listened.
The sit-in dubbed Occupy SLU ended quietly this weekend. By Saturday afternoon, not a tent could be found near the clock tower where protesters massed during the early morning hours of October 13, waving upside-down American flags, raising fists in the air and calling to Saint Louis University students -- "Out of the dorms, into the streets!"

The movement to occupy the private, Jesuit institution kicked off last week's "Moral Monday," and by that day's end more than 50 people had been arrested in a series of protest events around St. Louis. On October 18 protesters and school officials agreed to end the sit-in. In a written statement, SLU president Fred Pestello attributed the end Occupy SLU to "many intense hours of outreach and conversation" with protesters and other community activists.

However, it seems that those intense conversations yielded more than just a broadly worded statement from SLU's president. Shortly after protesters left the campus, a photo of a printed agreement between the school and three protest groups began circulating on social media and right-wing blogs.

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Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed Arrested in Ferguson Protests

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via Vine
State Senator Jamilah Nasheed is arrested in Ferguson.
Jamilah Nasheed, a Missouri state senator, was still in jail Tuesday morning after police took her and another man into custody in front of the Ferguson Police Station Monday night.

Update, 11 a.m. - Nasheed has been released. She says she was arrested trying to demonstrate non-violent disobedience and denies she was just pulling a publicity stunt. More below.

Police warned the group of protesters gathered at the station -- the site of near-constant protests since a Ferguson officer shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown -- that officers would arrest anyone who stood in the roadway.

But that didn't stop Nasheed. At 8:35 p.m. she and Jefonte Nelson stepped into the street and refused to move when the on-site St. Louis County police commander threatened them with arrest.

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15 People Who Can't Believe How Cheap Gas is in St. Louis Right Now

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Phillip Leara on Flickr
The gas prices are as small as the Amoco sign is large.
If you've filled your car up with gas recently, you may have noticed that prices have been amazingly low recently.

Gas prices dropped to an average of $2.70 per gallon Monday, the lowest point since 2010. Gas prices typically dip as summer ends, but throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and around the country, drivers have been finding finding prices at less than $3 per gallon for weeks.

Experts say a slowdown in China and domestic production here in the U.S. is to thank. When the U.S. produces more oil locally and China pulls back on how much it is consuming, the supply of gas on the international market opens up, driving prices down, Isaac Arnsdorf of Bloomberg News tells PBS.

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German Shepherd Sodomized, Shot and Left for Dead Gets Rescued, Adopted

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Stray Rescue
Shep gets help after being shot and sodomized.
Randy Grim still remembers when the veterinary neurologist gave him "the look," the one that meant Shep, a German Shepherd, wouldn't survive.

Shep had been sodomized with a tree branch, shot near his spine and left for dead in north St. Louis city. Grim, founder of the animal rescue group Stray Rescue, calls Shep's case "one of the cruelest acts of animal abuse" he's ever seen.

"What makes it so horrible for me is the sodomy," Grimm tells Daily RFT. "All of this is so sick and twisted. It definitely should be a wake-up call to St. Louisans to act, to speak up."

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Ex-STL Archbishop Raymond Burke Confirms Ouster from Top Courts Post, Criticizes Pope

Via YouTube
Cardinal Raymond Burke says he's being transferred out of his powerful post in the Vatican courts.
Cardinal Raymond Burke doesn't know exactly when he'll be ordered to step down from the Catholic church's highest court, but he's disappointed to be leaving his post for a smaller, less influential role.

That's according to an interview former St. Louis archbishop Burke gave to Buzzfeed, a rare instance of Burke sharing with the secular media, as the two-week, worldwide meeting of church leaders, the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, came to a close in Rome.

Burke says he's been informed he'll be transferred to his new role as patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, but he's yet to receive his official orders.

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Gun Rights Supporters Head to Gateway Arch, Citygarden to Test Missouri's New Gun Laws [UPDATES]

Courtesy of Jeffry Smith
Who wants to get strapped for a stroll?
The current landscape of Missouri gun law is confusing.

Last month, state legislators overrode Governor Jay Nixon's veto on a bill that instantly erased all regional bans on open carrying firearms. Then, add the passing of Amendment 5, which enshrined all Missouri gun laws as "unalienable," and it would appear that gun rights in the Show Me state have never been stronger.

But nobody in Missouri -- including law enforcement and St. Louis city officials -- seems to understand the true scope of these new gun laws, says Jeffry Smith, a firearms activist and instructor from Ohio. Smith is leading an "Open Carry/Firearms Educational Walk" this weekend in downtown St. Louis, saying he wants Missourians to know their constitution provides a fundamental right to open carry firearms, even without a concealed carry permit. He and potentially dozens of local and out-of-state activists want to prove their point by taking a "friendly" jaunt with their guns through Citygarden and the Gateway Arch on October 25.

Update: See below for interviews with St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson and a federal ranger at the Gateway Arch.

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