Avengers Disassemble: Parents Furious There's No Black Widow Bear at Build-a-Bear

Build-A-Bear on Facebook
Natasha Romanoff ("Black Widow") isn't part of Build-A-Bear's Avengers group.

A woman can subdue a deranged god, infiltrate a top-secret military unit and high-kick bad guys into oblivion, yet still "The Man" keeps her down.

Or "The Bear," in this case.

St. Louis-based toy company Build-A-Bear is capitalizing on the box-office success of Disney/Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, offering a discount on four special-edition Avengers bears. Kids can worship at the altar of the comic book movie gods with plush, make-your-own versions of the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

But those who prefer a little gender diversity in their superheroes are out of luck -- kick-ass spy Black Widow isn't part of the package. And boy, have people noticed.

-- Update, 3:20 p.m. 5/14 -- Statement from Build-A-Bear added to the end of this story.

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Plumbers Posing with St. Louis Landmarks Make Sexiest Calendar Ever [PHOTOS]

Categories: Adverstising

Ched the plumbing-solution specialist can clear my pipes anytime.
Want to lay some pipe? Need your showers to be steamier? Looking for someone to turn up your heat?

Then the plumbing specialists and HVAC technicians at Spengler Plumbing, Heating and Cooling have created something you just can't live without: the 2015 "Men of Spengler Plumbing, Heating and Cooling" Calendar.

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Tinder-Style Ad Campaign Encourages Horny Chicagoans to Have Sex in St. Louis

Categories: Adverstising, Sex

Does this make you randy, Chicago?
An ad campaign designed to reach the sex-crazed youth of Chicago is taking lessons from the casual-dating app Tinder to direct them to St. Louis' landmarks, neighborhoods and museums -- and to have sex in those places!

To be fair, the ads don't literally advise exhibitionist boning, but you'd be forgiven for thinking so: Use your smartphone to log onto, and you'll find taglines like "You'll enjoy it even more on the top" accompanying a photo of the Arch, or "Let's start with some heavy petting before we get wild" attached to Grant's Farm.

The campaign's tone is clearly aiming for tongue-in-cheek. Unfortunately, it's nearly 100 percent tongue.

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St. Louis Illustrator Puts Malcolm Gladwell On Your Chipotle Cup

Categories: Adverstising, Arts

One of Chipotle's "Cultivating Thought" cup, penned by Malcolm Gladwell.
Chipotle -- it's the "fast-causal" restaurant chain that sates the burrito lust of millions, but it's a place where intellectual discussion mainly revolves around whether you should pay the extra $1.80 for a glop of guacamole.

The chain apparently wants to add serious literary depth alongside its burrito bowls; Chipotle customers will soon be grabbing cups and bags imprinted with short pieces by award-winning authors Jonathan Safran Foer, Toni Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell and others. When it came time to turn Gladwell's prose into a cup, Chipotle turned to St. Louis illustrator Noah MacMillan.

"The piece involves obviously different people coming together, and then finding common ground over working together and sharing a meal," says MacMillan, describing Gladwell's story, "Two-Minute Barn-Raising."

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Get Paid For Burping: Soda Commercial Casting St. Louis Ladies Who Belch

Categories: Adverstising

gareth 1953 on flickr
Buuuuuuurp. 'Scuse me.
Calling all St. Louis ladies who can expel air from their digestive tracts and need a quick buck!

A local commercial crew filming a soda commerical is advertising on Craigslist for women who can burp on command.

Belchers can earn $750 for burps of any size, "from small, quiet burps to monstrously loud belches," according to the casting call.

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5 Perfect STL Responses to Backlash Against Coke's Multilingual Super Bowl Commercial

Categories: Adverstising

This is the commercial everyone's freaking out over.
Watching the 2014 Super Bowl commercials, one thing is clear: These companies are shooting for virality.

Just being seen by millions of TV viewers isn't enough anymore. For marketers to be happy with their extremely expensive Super Bowl commercials, they have to be shared, liked, clicked, tweeted and favorited across the web.

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America Totally Loses It Over Budweiser's Adorable Super Bowl Commercial

The Internet cannot handle this cuteness.
Super Bowl XLVIII hasn't even started, but the Internet is ready to declare a winner in the contest for best commercial.

Budweiser premiered the commercial "Puppy Love" on NBC's Today show Wednesday ahead of Sunday's big game, earning millions of YouTube clicks in a matter of hours with the touching story of puppy-pony friendship.

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This Looks Familiar: 5 Commercials Weber Chevrolet Should Rip Off Next

Categories: Adverstising

George Weber talks gas mileage with kids.
George Weber was sick of the typical car commercial, where the owner of a dealership screams about the cheapest model on the lot.

"Car commercials do so much yelling at you," says Weber, owner of George Weber Chevrolet. "I don't think people are listening to ads with a notepad writing things down. But if I make it funny, then people will want to see it."

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6 People Who Should Take David Freese's Place as Imo's Pizza Spokesperson

Categories: Adverstising

Becky, Queen of Pizza
As David Freese leaves the Cardinals to play ball with Albert Pujols in Los Angeles, Daily RFT began to wonder: Who should fill the baseball all-star's three-year contract to be the spokester for St. Louis staple Imo's Pizza?

We have a few ideas.

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FU to MU: Webster U. Swipes at Mizzou Sports Dominance with Chess Billboard on I-70

Categories: Adverstising

Webster University is challenging the University of Missouri's hegemony in sports and outdoor advertising with an attention-grabbing billboard.

Webster University
Webster University's new billboard up between Columbia and St. Louis on I-70
MU dominates the signage along I-70 from Columbia to St. Louis with six billboards spelling out the school's nickname -- M-I-Z-Z-O-U -- and Webster is fighting back with a sign that's part-recruiting tactic, part-PR ploy and part-joke.

"Our top recruits are chess players," reads the school's billboard, now up on the same stretch of road highway that connects two of Missouri's largest universities.

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