[PHOTOS] Saint Louis Zoo Throws Shower, Reveals Name for New Baby Orangutan

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All photos by Micah Usher
Baby Ginger pokes her face out as her mother Merah snacks at the Saint Louis Zoo.
St. Louis, meet Ginger.

Born in mid-December at the Saint Louis Zoo, Ginger, a female Sumatran orangutan, made her public debut Monday at a baby shower, complete with brightly-colored decorations and sweet treats for the entire orangutan colony.

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One Rescue Group's Adorably Low-Tech Campaign to Save Dogs From Freezing to Death

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azoome via flickr
The Jefferson County Humane Society needs a vehicle to rescue dogs abandoned in the cold.
The only reason Jean Woolery didn't fax her press release to St. Louis media outlets is because she doesn't have a landline.

Woolery is in desperate need of a vehicle, any vehicle, that can fit two or more animal crates so she can rescue abandoned animals in something other than her torn-up 2007 Pontiac G6. So she printed up a photo of herself protesting animal cruelty, wrote her Facebook message address on a business card and mailed it to the Riverfront Times.

Why not send an email? Daily RFT asked Woolery. Why not launch an online fundraising campaign? Or a Twitter hashtag? Why snail mail?

"We don't know how to do the computer," Woolery replies. "We're just trying to help the animals."

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Town & Country Neighbors to Hold Candlelight Vigil for Dead Deer

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sonstoem via flickr
"Oh, deer!"
Town & Country has been waging a war against the herds of wild deer that roam here for years.

Tonight, neighbors and animal lovers alike are banding together to commemorate the fallen: the 100 deer that sharpshooters will cull this year to keep the population under control.

"I think it's a sad day in Town & Country," says Barbara Ann Hughes, a former Town & Country alderman. "And it's the deer that are paying the price for this."

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Cranberry, Marigold, Ginger or Lucy: Help Name Saint Louis Zoo's New Baby Orangutan

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Stephanie Braccini, Saint Louis Zoo
Mommy Merah and her new (still unnamed) baby orangutan.
The Saint Louis Zoo's new baby Sumatran orangutan may be three weeks (and three days) old, but she still doesn't have a name.

That's where you come in.

The zoo is asking fans to help name the orangutan that was born December 14 at the zoo's Jungle of the Apes habitat to her 45-year-old mother, Merah (MEER-ah), and 10-year-old father, Cinta (Chin-TA).

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Missouri DJ Leaves Dog Home Alone with a GoPro, Heartbreaking Video Goes Viral

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Mary Shattock via Flickr
Poor Guinness.
If you're at work, in a crowded public place or anywhere else where you don't want to spontaneously burst into tears, you definitely should not watch this video of Mike Holmes' six-year-old Goldendoodle, Guinness.

That said, the video has gone so viral in the last two weeks that if anyone side-eyes you for crying a little, you could probably just tell them, "I'm watching that dog video!" and they'd shed a tear with you.

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17 Adorable Animals That Are Glad Christmas Is Finally Over

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Theo Welling
The gifts are unwrapped. The stockings are unstuffed. Santa Claus is in a cookie-induced coma, and Christmas is over.

We don't mean to be totally bah-hum-bug over America's favorite winter holiday, but here at Daily RFT, we're glad to see an end to the Christmas carols and commercials that have been playing since October.

In honor of the fact that there are now 364 days until next Christmas, here are sixteen St. Louis cats and dogs who are super excited that Silent Night can now go silent.

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Baby Orangutan Born at Saint Louis Zoo

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Stephanie Braccini, Saint Louis Zoo
Merah and her new baby.
A baby female Sumatran orangutan was born this week at the Saint Louis Zoo, though you'll have to wait at least a month before seeing her.

Merah (MEER-ah), a 45-year-old orangutan, gave birth at around 8:30 p.m. Sunday at the Jungle of the Apes at the Saint Louis Zoo, where the baby's father, Cinta (Chin-TA), ten years old, also lives.

Bonding with the mother during first 30 days of a baby orangutan's life are vital, according to the zoo, so it will be a month or longer before zoo visitors can catch a glimpse of Merah and her baby in either their indoor habitat in Jungle of the Apes or in their outdoor habitat at Fragile Forest.

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Columbia Asked to Pay $250,000 For Damaged Alligator

Ken Henderson, the "Gator Educator," doesn't mind showing affection to his reptile friends.
A Florida wildlife organization tied to a traveling "gator educator" is demanding the city of Columbia to pay up for injuring their alligator, a twenty-year-old, 100-pound, six-and-a-half-foot-long female gator named Babe.

Babe was one of seven alligators (along with a Burmese python, various turtles and a few dogs and cats) seized from Ken Henderson's van in June 2011 while he was parked in the Boone County Fairgrounds. He was charged at the time with nineteen misdemeanors, of which all but seven were dropped this past April, according to the Columbia Tribune.

But tragedy struck while the animals were being held for two months in 2011: Angel, a seven-year-old alligator, was allegedly placed in the same pen as Babe and the other five gators, which Henderson had explicitly warned animal control officers not to do. The other gators attacked and killed Angel. Babe also damaged her mouth and teeth.

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5 Tips for Pet Owners In Case of More Unrest in St. Louis, Ferguson

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nguyenhoangnam via flickr
The Humane Society of Missouri offers tips on handling civil unrest for pet owners.
St. Louis is getting ready.

Churches are setting up as safe spaces. Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency. Mayor Francis Slay is asking for hundreds of National Guard troops to help with security. Before the city finds out whether Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will face charges for fatally shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown, St. Louis is gearing up for the protests and unrest that are sure to follow.

Saint Louis County Animal Care and Control is starting its own preparations in case the unrest affects families with pets. Partnering with the Humane Society of Missouri, animal control is preparing assistance for displaced or injured animals, as well as emergency pet supplies.

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PHOTOS: Jefferson County Police Dogs Get Bulletproof Vests

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Photos courtesy of Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Vico, a K9 unit with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.
The K9 units in Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are now bulletproof, thanks to a donation of seven ballistic vests.

The stab- and bullet-proof vests come from Vested Interest in K9s Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Massachusetts. Each vest costs $950 and comes with a five-year warranty.

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