Andres Wiltz Gets Probation for Beating Kitten to Death

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Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz/Wikimedia
This is not the kitten who died, but it was probably just as adorable.
A St. Louis man pleaded guilty to hitting a kitten so hard, that it had to be euthanized. He'll serve probation for the cruel deed.

On December 9, 2013, Andres Wiltz brought a five-month-old, short-hair feline into the St. Louis Cat Clinic. According to a probable cause statement, "the feline was pale, cold, and straining to breathe." Veterinarians determined that the suffering kitty had a bruised chest, a large hematoma on its kidney and a torn lung.

The animal docs took x-rays, too. That showed a broken pelvis and broken ribs.
The kitten was too far gone, and the decision was made to put it to sleep.

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Cute Kitties and Kinky Pups: The Best Photos From a Wild Weekend in St. Louis

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Caroline Yoo, Jon Gitchoff
In the most serendipitous of schedule sync-ups, the St. Louis debut of two nationally renowned, animal-themed events -- the Internet Cat Video Festival and the International Puppy Contest -- made last weekend an historic and exciting one for the city.

Both events let animal lovers glory in the public exhibition of what might typically be a private pleasure, whether it's the chance to lolz at YouTube clips of kitties or to compete in paraphilic puppy play dressed in kinky leather straps.

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VIDEO: Cricket the Kitty Wins Internet Cat Film Festival Contest with Mad Bell-Ringing Skills

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Chris Ward
Cricket the cat, a future star.
It took Cricket the cat a week to learn to ring a bell for treats.

"I knew Cricket could do this because she was fat and she had a desire to eat at all times," says Sarah Ward, 33, who trained the cat as a surprise Valentine's Day present for her now-ex husband. "If anyone can do this trick, it's Cricket."

But training started slow, especially since Cricket was afraid of the bell. "I think she saw her reflection in it and was scared. When I brought out the food, then she understood, and she was cool," she tells Daily RFT.

Years later, Cricket's bell-ringing skills have paid off. A video remix of her special skill won the Contemporary Art Museum's first ever St. Louis Cat Video Contest this week.

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Internet Cat Video Festival: Vote For Your Favorite St. Louis Cat Video Right Meow

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Doug Woods via Flickr
Can I haz vote?
Before the Contemporary Art Museum screens this year's curated collection of lol-able cat videos at St. Louis' first ever Internet Cat Video Festival, one very special cat video will play.

Six local feline enthusiasts are competing to win the St. Louis Cat Video Contest, hoping their one-minute cat short will win social media votes and the approval of museum staff to eventually play at the start of each night of the two-night festival, July 18 and 19.

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Presley the Camel Born at Saint Louis Zoo, Named After Father, Elvis (PHOTOS)

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Christopher Carter/STL Zoo
Presley the camel was born June 4.
It's a boy!

A baby Bactrian camel was born at the Saint Louis Zoo on June 4, which was a Wednesday or, appropriately, "hump day."

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The Internet Cat Video Festival is Coming to St. Louis, LOLZ

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Walker Art Center
Meow! St. Louis gets its own Internet Cat Video Festival this summer.
Sick of watching YouTube videos of cats alone on your laptop? Wish you had someone to giggle with as you watch cats play the piano or act delightfully surprised?

Your timing is purrrrfect.

The wildly popular Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to St. Louis for the first time this summer, turning the Internet's most enjoyable non-pornography video experience into a community-wide festival at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis on July 18 and 19.

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22 St. Louis Dogs That Want to Be the Best Fans in Baseball

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All photos by Jon Gitchoff
St. Louis is a fierce baseball city. We're even competitive about how good of fans we are, though others have caught on to our self-ascribed moniker, the best fans in baseball.

Once a season for the last ten years, St. Louis' dogs have gotten in on the action at the annual Purina Pooches in the Ballpark night, showing off their spirit in a pregame pet parade, keeping cool in kiddie pools and cheering on the Redbirds side-by-side with the humans that brought them.

The canine fans must have been good luck. The Cardinals beat the Washington Nationals 4-1.

See also: It's Official: Study Says St. Louis Cardinals Fans Are The Best in Baseball

Meet 22 of the adorable dogs who spent Saturday's game in baseball heaven with the best fans in baseball:

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Saint Louis Zoo Named No. 2 in USA Today Poll, No. 1 in Our Hearts

Categories: Animals

Steve Truesdell
The Saint Louis Zoo is No. 1 in our hearts.
The loyal supporters of the Saint Louis Zoo put up a hell of a fight trying to vote the local gem into the No. 1 spot on USA Today and 10Best's list of the top zoos in the country.

The Toledo Zoo walked away with the top spot, but St. Louis was the runner-up.

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Stray Rescue Named One of America's "Most Amazing" Stray Dog Shelters

Categories: Animals, Lists

Danny Wicentowski
Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim, center, shares updates on St. Louis' problems with cruelty to animals next to Mayor Francis Slay.
One of St. Louis' most beloved and passionate non-profit organizations got a national shoutout last week for being amazing.

One Green Planet, a site dedicated to protecting animals and the environment, named Stray Rescue of St. Louis as one of the five most amazing rescues working in the U.S.

"This tireless rescue group saves stray dogs left on county roads or city streets, abandoned in empty houses or public parks, chained to fences or behind buildings," writes Hannah Sentenac. "They've saved puppies living in decrepit houses, dogs with gunshot wounds, victims of fighting rings and so many more."

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Kettle Corn Stand Catches Fire at Saint Louis Zoo (Photos)

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STLFD on Twitter
The only casualty in this fire is the Kettle Corn.
No people or humans were hurt when a Kettle Corn snack stand at the Saint Louis Zoo caught fire Monday afternoon.

St. Louis Fire Department firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze, which Gregg Favre, the Command Staff Officer for the fire department, said was fueled by propane.

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