Wife Blogs Her Insane First Year Of Marriage, Loses Job, Attracts Hollywood Attention

The true meaning of "For better or for worse."
No one ever said marriage would be magical.

Wait, that's not right -- marriage is that promise, and whether it's reality TV or the British royal wedding, that focus on happily ever after is a towering edifice within our cultural landscape. So it's refreshing when two lovebirds come along and burn that tower to the ground.

"Alice," a St. Louis-born writer now living in Boston, took detailed notes on her first year of marriage and turned those notes into 1styearofmarriage.com, a day-by-day account of shared indignities, many poop jokes, hellish periods and pranks gone wrong. Now, a Beverly Hills-based production company is wrapping up talks to option the blog as a sitcom.

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Pillow Fight! Celebrate St. Louis' Third International Pillow Fight Day This Weekend

Photos by Jon Gitchoff
Grab a pillow and start swinging!
When it comes to running a successful mass pillow fight, the key is coming up with creative challenges.

"Otherwise," Mallory Nezam, founder and director of STL Improv Anywhere, tells Daily RFT, "it would just be a bunch of people knocking each other with pillows." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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April Fools' News: Five St. Louis Headlines Too Crazy For Real Life

It's OK, the editors didn't know what "carpet eater" really meant.
April Fools' Day is a holiday created by and for manipulative jerks; it's a day when lying to your friend's face is acceptable and causing minor property damage is just the price of doing business. Indeed, today is a the day when interpersonal trust takes a long lunch break.

So, obviously, we want in on the action. But on the other hand, every year some tone-deaf media outlet -- usually a college paper -- tries to be edgy and cool for April Fools', and ends up being sexist. Hell, even regular pranksters screw it up with racism. Or more racism.

So, to be clear: The news stories below are not real, because they are fake. They are double, no, triple fake with a side of lies. With that out of the way: Happy April Fools' Day, suckas!

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Webster Alum Todd Spence Fuses True Detective And Hardy Boys, And It's Genius

Todd Spence/Break.com
Remember, kids: You can't solve a satanic murder alone, or sober.
Todd Spence's mashup of classic Hardy Boys' covers with the grim heroes of True Detective is damn near perfect. A Webster University alum who grew up in Farmington, the now LA-based writer and illustrator tells Daily RFT he got idea while watching True Detective's finale.

"I realized they're essentially just the Hardy Boys," he says, describing the HBO series' main characters, Rust Cohle and Marty Hart. "They're just this duo of detectives, trying to figure out these little mysteries."

Of course, veteran teen detectives Frank and Joe Hardy never ruminated on the bleak mysteries of human existence or bought drugs from a hooker. Regardless, Spence's painstakingly detailed work is mesmerizing.

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St. Louis Inventor Hopes To Dangle His "Nutshellz" In ABC's Shark Tank

Discovery Channel
Jeremiah Raber (right) really believes in his product.
Jeremiah Raber is your typical early-stage entrepreneur. He's invested thousands of dollars out of pocket, works from his basement and struggles to meet demand for his product.

Oh, the product? An unbreakable, bullet-proof groin protector called Nutshellz.

Raber believes in Nutshellz so fully that he took a swift kick to the crotch as part of a Discovery Channel segment last year. Now, he's got his eyes on the ABC reality show Shark Tank, where he hopes his business pitch will convince the show's panel of jaded investors to hit him right in the bank account.

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Daily RFT Wants Your Story Ideas: Winter Thaw Edition

Timothy Tolle via Flickr
It's warming up, St. Louis!
Sure, winter's not over, but after weeks of living in a city that feels more like an ice-skating rink, we'll take whatever warmth Mother Nature sends our way. If you're anything like us, this week's rising temperatures have cured your cabin fever.

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Daily RFT Wants Your Story Ideas! How to Send News Tips to the Riverfront Times

We can't be everywhere at once. That's why we look to you, loyal Daily RFT readers, to keep us in the loop whenever you see something newsworthy.

Do you know an awesome person who deserves to have his or her story told?

Did you spot something fishy in your neighborhood that needs investigating?

Trying to spread the word about a project you're working on?

Think you spotted something we should cover?

I want to know.

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Jon Hamm Stars in Baseball Movie, Learns Life Lessons from Indian Teenagers

St. Louis' pride and joy, Jon Hamm, is starring in a Disney movie where he plays a desperate sports agent who goes to India to find cricket players who can play baseball. In the process, the kids teach him stuff about life, he falls in love with a nice and intelligent woman, and then he drinks a fifth of whiskey before berating his secretary and bedding his client's wife.

Okay, that last part probably isn't in the movie, but anyone who watches Mad Men will be subconsciously waiting for that scene and be mightily confused since Don Draper is learning life lessons from kids in a movie made by the same company that brought us cinematic masterpieces such as The Mighty Ducks and Cool Runnings.

Anyways, here's the trailer...

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Merry Xmas! Here are Four Videos of Santa as a Perverted Drunk Who Beats Kids and Cheats On His Wife with Kristen Wiig

Thumbnail image for thank-you-santa.jpg
It's not easy being Santa. You have to run a sweatshop staffed by elves who are always complaining about workers' rights or whatever, you live in an inhospitable climate that you only get to leave a few weeks out of the year to go hang out in malls with spoiled kids, and Stand Your Ground laws make it really dangerous to slide down chimneys.

That's why it's no surprise that comedy sketches involving Santa Clause usually depict him as either a tired drunk, sexually repressed pervert, or a a kid-beating mall Santa who's tired of this crap.

So, as a Christmas treat, here are four of the best "adult" Santa Claus sketches on the web:

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"Cat in Space": Meet The Two Amazingly Awkward Brothers Who Created the Meme

Awkward Family Photos
Nick (left) and Jake Schleicher: Awkward Cat Bros
What is it about this photo that makes it so likable? Is it the space background? The outfits? The little mustache? The spread-eagle cat butt?

Whatever it is, "Cat in Space" went viral after Nick Schleicher posted it online in 2010. After three years of being passed around the Internet, Nick, his younger brother Jake (he of the blond hair and leather pants) and Murray the cat have been featured in a book, a calendar, on television and in numerous "Most Awkward" lists.

"Our mom was begging us a for a picture for two or three years. I didn't want to do one," Nick tells Daily RFT. "Eventually I was like, 'If you get one, it's going to the be the way I want it to be.'"

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