One Last Ride on the Ancient Mayan Kingshighway Viaduct

Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Paul Sableman
The Kingshighway Viaduct, circa 2013

Earlier today, the Kingshighway Bridge closed over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks between Southwest/Vandeventer and Shaw Boulevard. Over the next two years, the bridge will be demolished and rebuilt.

We found ourselves getting nostalgic for the Kingshighway Skate Park after a properly joyous send-off this weekend.

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But after watching an oddball video that recently surfaced on YouTube, we're also getting oddly nostalgic for the bridge itself.

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Dear Schnucks: By the Each Is Not a Thing

Kristie McClanahan
This sign is not appealing, Target.
People are always quick to jump on the "three times and it's officially a trend" bandwagon. Especially if those people are media people, and they need to crank out a story on a slow news day.

But sometimes it only takes twice until we say enough is enough. This is one of those times.

A couple years back we spotted the bananas pictured above in Target.

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Wash. U. Med Students' "Uptown Funk" Parody Deserves to Go Viral

Wash. U.'s first-year med school students will funk you up.
Music-video parodies are a dime a dozen in 2015 -- you can't spend an hour on YouTube without finding 100 not-that-funny versions of any given song on the radio.

But Washington University's "Uptown Funk" parody has a lot going for it that other spoofs don't. For one thing, the first-year med school students who created and star in "First Year Funk" aren't just lip-synching; they're actually singing some pretty funny lyrics.

For another, these doctors-in-training can actually dance.

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Epic Reel of Vintage St. Louis News Outtakes Is Like Anchorman, Only Real

Eat your heart out, Ron Burgundy.

"First, bend over, grab your knees, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye."

And with that, former Channel 4 weatherman Mike Fenwick kicks off what is surely the most bizarre and wonderful peek into the pastel-and-plaid world of St. Louis broadcast news in the 1970s and 1980s. The clip of Fenwick telling his viewers to inspect their posterior Doppler readings comes courtesy of YouTube user St. Louis Flashback, a self-described St. Louis historian who posted two jaw-dropping videos over the weekend.

Edited with an insider's glee, the two-part "St.Louis Local TV News Bloopers -- 1970s-80s" actually features only a few clips of the kind of news bloopers one would usually find on YouTube. Instead, most of the 50-plus minutes of footage reveals the behind-the-scenes antics and obscenity-filled rivalries between the most trusted faces in St. Louis news -- including well-known anchors Elliott Davis and Larry Conners.

"St. Louis Flashback" didn't want to give his real name, but told us, "I collect these things -- anything from local TV, movie theaters and KXOK radio. I don't give out names or how I got the items." He adds, "I know people people who have worked in all media since the '60s."

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New "Racist Tourism Commercial" Lambasts Missouri

Photo Courtesy of Flickr/dgphilli
A beautiful day boating in the Ozarks. Let's not talk about racism, OK?
We can't decide whether to laugh or, well, die.

A new video from Funny or Die purporting to be a tourism commercial for the Show-Me State lambasts Missouri's history of racism -- from Dred Scott all the way up to this week's destruction of the Michael Brown memorial tree in Ferguson. (Clearly, these guys work fast.)

A voiceover details the greatest state's greatest hits over footage of generic Midwestern beauty. "It's an epic tale spanning two centuries," the video begins. "From hot air balloons to Ferguson. From breathtaking vistas to slavery. From fun amusement parks to the police force in a small town quitting over a black female mayor. And from speedboats to Dred Scott -- look it up."

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The Perfect Road Trip Must Pass Through St. Louis, Scientist Says

Photo by Lyle Whitworth
A "perfect road trip" that skips St. Louis? It's positively un-American.
You probably saw some variation of the map that made its way across Facebook in recent weeks: Someone claimed to have come up with a road trip that hit "all the major landmarks." Sharing commenced!

The map that had social media buzzing.
Sure enough, the map showed a trek from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, hitting points like Chicago and Minneapolis and San Antonio along the way.

But it didn't just miss New England. It also missed the middle of the country -- Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and Kansas went completely untouched.

And, yes, it missed St. Louis!

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Virgin America's Move to Branson Would Save Struggling Airport, But Is Actually Just Sad Joke

Richard Branson: Clearly enjoys a prank that also makes him more money.
Considering April Fools' Day openly celebrates petty cruelty and casual deception, we thought we were already well-versed in how awful this "holiday" could be. We must admit, however, that the world's two most important Bransons are proving us wrong.

Indeed, it appears feathery-haired British tycoon Richard Branson has joined forces with the City of Branson, in order to gin up a marketing boost for Virgin Airlines and the tourist-dependent city of 11,000.

The plan was set in motion two weeks ago, when Richard announced in a blog post that he'd recently "discovered" his great-great-uncle, Reuben S. Branson, had founded the Missouri town in the early 20th century. He concluded by stating he was "looking forward to finding what opportunities there are for the Virgin Group in Branson."

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How to Send Story Tips to the Riverfront Times

We know St. Louis has a love-hate relationship with the Riverfront Times.

You love when we call out government officials for sentencing a man to life in prison for non-violent marijuana offenses or for forgetting to send a convicted man to prison for his entire thirteen-year sentence. You love when we alert you to hilariously shaped weather maps or write pickup lines tailored to your civic pride. You also love to take full advantage of our uncensored comments sections. (And we love that about you.)

We also know you hate it when we're not covering stories and topics that matter the most to you. That's why we're asking for your help.

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No, the FBI Didn't Bust a Hillbilly's Pig Brothel in Rolla on New Years Eve

Don't believe everything you read about pigs.
On the Internet, the line between skeptic and sucker is in constant flux. And although Daily RFT is well-versed in the seductive lies and toxic untruths that fill our digital universe, there are times we wish we could shuck our cynicism and just...believe.

What we're trying to say is: We really wish this story about the FBI busting a Rolla-area bestiality brothel on New Year's Eve was true. But it isn't.

Indeed, it's the classic "too good to fact check" story that sends visions of pork puns (and pageviews) dancing in our heads. Published January 3 and headlined "Missouri Pig Brothel Dismantled During FBI Raid," the story has now been shared on Facebook more than 50,000 times.

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We Don't See Nothing Wrong with This Altered Construction Sign

Lindsay Toler
Your morning commute just got sexier.
Some St. Louis hero has transformed a construction sign on McCausland Avenue near I-64 from normal to downright funky.

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