Ass Clown of the Week: Radical Right-Wing Edition!

Which ass gets the hat?
Perhaps it was the presence in the Show-Me State this week of that good-fer-nothin', socialist Barack Obama, or maybe it was just that their haldol injections were wearing off. Whatever the case, Missouri's right-wing extremists were tripping over themselves this week for ridicule.

So, let's oblige them with a special right-wing edition of Daily RFT's "Ass Clown of the Week." Continue on to read each nominee's credentials and cast your vote. More »

Sean Fitzgerald and Zachary Tucker: Ass Clowns of the Week

Sean Fitzgerald (left) and Zachary Tucker face hate crime charges after allegedly dropping cotton balls outside Mizzou's black cultural center.
It remains to be seen whether prosecutors will charge two University of Missouri undergraduates with a felony hate crime for dumping cotton balls at the school's black cultural center. But there is one offense that the duo is definitely guilty of: ass clownery.

By a slim margin Mizzou students Sean Fitzgerald and Zacahry Tucker beat out a Metro East stripper accused of child endangerment to win last Friday's Ass Clown of the Week vote. Forty-one percent of Daily RFT readers elected Fitzgerald and Tucker for the honor. Patrice Johnson, the stripper found hiding in a closet, earned 32 percent.

Oh, and this weekend Fitzgerald and Tucker apologized for their actions though their attorneys, who added that the young men had also climbed campus statues and raised a pirate flag outside the ROTC office. And, yes, alcohol was involved.

Who is Daily RFT's "Ass Clown" of the Week? March 1-5?

You know what they say about March weather? It comes "in like a lion and out like a lamb."

The same apparently holds true for ass clowns, as this first week of March saw dozens of folks who roared their way into the headlines due to their own dubious behavior. Below are some of the better examples.

You know the rules, check out the following candidates and then cast your vote for who you think is the biggest ass clown of the week. And the nominees...

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Ass Clown of the Week: Adam Sharp, Blogger Behind

A man we can only presume to be Adam Sharp.
The people have spoken. By the most convincing margin ever in Ass Clown of the Week voting, this week's title goes to Adam Sharp who came away with an astonishing 78 percent of the vote.

So who is Sharp and why do so many folks consider him an ass hat of the nth degree?

Sharp is the conservative blogger behind who shoved a video camera in the face of Fox 2 reporter Charles Jaco while the latter covered a health-care rally downtown. Sharp later pressed charges when Jaco allegedly bumped into him. You can see a video of the incident -- and hear Sharp's definition of "tea bagging" -- here

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Who is Ass Clown of the Week? Vote Today!

Thumbnail image for assclown.jpg
It was a real, real good week for Ass Clowns in and around the Gateway City.

The question is, who do you think committed the most despicable and/or stupidest deed of the past few days? And the nominees...

1. The Undertaker: The WWE wrestler caught fire, literally, in St. Louis last weekend during a pyrotechnics mishap.

2. Vincent Bommarito: The St. Louis police commissioner and owner of Tony's Restaurant resigned Monday after news surfaced that he used his position to spring his drunk nephew out of jail.

3. James T. Duke: The cross-dressing bandit was arrested in connection to several robberies in which he wore a dress and wig but forgot to shave his chiny, chin, chin.

4. Casey Ray: The publicity hound hairdresser who found movie scripts in a St. Louis Dumpster and then sued the Hollywood production company with rights to the documents because Ray didn't like the reward they gave her for returning the scripts.

5. Zynthia Holmes: The St. Louis juror who threatened to return to court and start shooting people this week if she had to serve another day in jury duty.

6. Adam Sharp: A conservative blogger from St. Louis who taunted Fox 2 reporter Charles Jaco over the term "tea bagger" at a recent health care rally and then filed charges against the newscaster for allegedly bumping into him.

Cast you vote after the jump! 

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Ass Clown of the Week: Matt Bartle, State Senator Wants to Ban Nudity at Strip Clubs

Matt Bartle
This might make it difficult for me to secure that interview with state senator Matt Bartle (R - Kansas City), but what can I say?

The people have spoken, and they've elected Bartle as Daily RFT's "Ass Clown of the Week."

Bartle won the the vote for his bill -- approved by the Senate last week -- that would outlaw nudity in Missouri strip clubs and impose other regulations such as banning alcohol consumption and curtailing operating hours.

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Ass Clown of the Week: Political Edition

This week's clowns show their stripes.
With a few exceptions, ordinary folks in and around St. Louis refrained from outrageous acts of jackassery this week. Congratulations.

Wish we could say the same of our elected officials. When it comes to questionable behavior, Missouri and Illinois politicos this week were hellbent on outdoing each other. That's why we're pleased to present to you the first-ever, all-political edition of Ass Clown of the Week.

See the candidates and elect your favorite after the jump. 'Cause as you know: It's your doodie to vote for Ass Clown!

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Ass Clown of the Week: Lamborghini Driving Car Dealer

Fox 2 KTVI
Caught in the act.
The results are in, and by a wide margin Daily RFT readers have elected a car dealer in Chesterfield as "Ass Clown of the Week."

The dealer was arrested last week by Chesterfield police after videos appeared on YouTube showing him test-driving Lamborghinis and Ferraris on Highway 40 at speeds reaching 150 m.p.h.

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Who is Ass Clown of the Week?

Ass Clowns take to the road this week.
It's that time again. Time to vote for this week's newsmaker whose behavior you think was the most reprehensible/shameful. 

And the nominees...

1. David Yuhas: The Colorado man who's floating plans to build a cannabis-supported confederacy in St. Louis.

2. Zachary Walck: The seventeen-year-old arrested last week for shooting a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy. Walck was wanted for questioning in the theft of some 40 guns. Police found him holed up in a storage shed, and Walck didn't surrender without a fight.

3. St. Louis Motorsports' employee: An auto dealer for an exotic car shop in Chesterfield was arrested this week after posting YouTube videos showing him test driving vehicles -- at speeds reaching 150 m.p.h. -- on St. Louis roadways.

4. Ike Skelton: Depending on your viewpoint, perhaps the Missouri Congressman may be an Ass Clown hero -- not zero. Still the powerful chair of the House Armed Services Committee took flack this week for his opposition to changing the military's position on homosexuals serving openly in the military.

Vote after the jump!

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James O'Keefe: Ass Clown and White Supremacist?

James O'Keefe learns that pimpin' ain't easy.
It keeps getting worse for political activist (and pride of the St. Louis Tea Party) James O'Keefe

Last week he was arrested for illegally attempting to access the phone lines of Lousiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Over the weekend Daily RFT voters elected him Ass Clown of the Week. Now today, Salon has a scathing article linking O'Keefe to white nationalists.

Yeah, we know. Hard to believe that a man who dressed himself as a pimp in order to target the predominately African-American organization ACORN would stoop so low.  

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