Weed, the Knockout Game and Penis Jokes: The 13 Most-Read Daily RFT Stories of 2013

Cannabis Culture on flickr
Y'all sure love when we write about ganja.
2013, you were good to us.

Cops and potheads, giant ta-tas and dick jokes, viral videos and flat-out lies -- there was more than enough news to keep the Daily RFT busy this year. We invite you on a tour of 2013 through our thirteen most-read stories of the year:

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17 of St. Louis' Best Valentine's Day Standbys

Fresh out of ideas and feeling pressured to make this Valentine's Day the Best Valentine's Day Ever? Just breathe. We've done some of the work for you. Now only if you can remember to keep the food in your mouth and to stifle the political rants for one single night.

Try these Valentine's Day suggestions from our 2012 Best of St. Louis issue.

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20 Reasons to Love Winter in St. Louis

Yeah, St. Louis' winters can be this bleak -- if you let 'em be.
We admit it. Winter in St. Louis can be pretty damn dreary. Weeks can go by without a ray of sunlight penetrating the grey sky. And then there's the cold -- a humid frigidity that drills right to the bones.

It's enough to bring on a deep depression if you cannot open your eyes to all the great things to do between now and the vernal equinox of March 21. Below are 20 reasons why we at Riverfront Times truly love winter in St. Louis. What -- if anything -- are we missing?

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The 9 Best Bike Shops in St. Louis

bike shop 3.jpg
The weather right now screams for bike rides: Gone is the face-melting heat, gone is that freak cold snap from last weekend.

So, stash your car keys in the junk drawer, lace up your shoes, and get to one of St. Louis' nine best bike shops listed below (in no particular order).

And for more great shopping and restaurant destinations, but sure to check out Riverfront Times' Best of St. Louis 2012 issue.

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The Five Best Hairdos on St. Louis TV (Just for Men Edition)

mike bush 3.jpg
Mike Bush: The part, the widow's peak, the whole package.
One thing is clear. St. Louis television viewers love Mike Bush's mop. The KSDK (Channel 5) anchor is nearly always the winner of our Reader's Choice award for Best Hair on Local Television Personality. Such was the case again last week when we unveiled our annual Best of St. Louis issue.

See also: Six Best Hairdos of St. Louis' TV Personalities (Female Edition)

And while it is hard not to be in awe of Bush's hair helmet, we here at Riverfront Times favor a slightly more disheveled look. Here, then, is our list of the five best 'dos currently on local airwaves.

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Six Best Hairdos of St. Louis' TV Personalities (Female Edition)

sande 3.jpg
Sande Stevenson: Weaving her way to the head of the class.
We admit it. We ordinary St. Louisans are often guilty of being a year (or three) behind on the latest hair-style trends. Not so our television personalities -- especially our female stars. Just turn on the local newscast and you're likely to see some of the most fetching coiffures this side of Indianapolis.

See also: The Five Best Hairdos on St. Louis TV (Just for Men Edition)

Here then is Riverfront Times' definitive list of the best television hairdos culled from our most recent "Best of St. Louis" issues. Let us know if you agree with our choices or know of any TV journos who deserves a ranking.

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RFT's 5 Favorite Tweeters in St. Louis

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said, "You cannot step twice into the same stream." Nor can you click twice into the same Twitter.

But the following five members of our city's Twattering class seem like a good read every time we wade in -- if for only 135 characters.

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[NSFW] Karlie Kloss' Ribs Photoshopped Out of Fashion Pic; Uproar Ensues

Will the real Karlie Kloss please.....maybe eat a sandwich?
Top model Karlie Kloss (who is twenty years old and grew up in Webster Groves) is now gracing the pages of the French fashion mag, Numéro -- well, a certain photoshopped version of her is, at least. And some people aren't happy about it.

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Explained: Parrot on Manchester Road in Rock Hill

ernie macaw 1.jpg
Photos: Chad Garrison
Ernie on his perch in front of Tint Crafters Central (just east of Hacienda).
Have you seen our 2012 "Best of St. Louis" issue, yet? The paper went live online yesterday and began hitting newsstands this morning. It's chock full of 370+ items on what makes our town such a great place to live.

One of the items that didn't make this year's issue was Best Retail Mascot. Why? Because we've never had such a category before, and it's doubtful we will again. Still, we'd like to tell you about Ernie.

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The Nine Best Hotels in St. Louis

Moonrise 1 res.jpg

The 2012 Best of St. Louis issue is fast approaching. Have you voted yet? Go do it now before it's too late! Have you finished debating the finer points of the 2011 issue? We haven't, hence this list. While researching contenders for a certain Best Of category last year, we realized our town has a heap of great establishments that could have won the award. If you're looking for a place to celebrate an anniversary, get away from the kids for the weekend or a place to house the in-laws on their next visit, you can do much, much worse than these nine hotels.
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