IKEA St. Louis Takes Shape as Installation Begins on Blue Exterior Walls

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Workers start putting up the blue walls of St. Louis' future IKEA store.
St. Louis' future IKEA store hit a construction milestone this week.

Now that the steel framing is up on the 380,000-square-foot store along I-64 at Vandeventer Avenue, the Swedish furniture retailer is installing the recognizable blue paneling along the walls. IKEA's architectural style is famous for implementing blue and yellow, the colors of the Swedish flag.

IKEA says the installation of the blue panels ensures that the store will be ready for its projected opening date in fall 2015.

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Ferguson Business Owners Ask Protesters to Stay Peaceful After Grand Jury Decision

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Lindsay Toler
Businesses along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson prepare for more protests by boarding up.
Business at Dellena Jones' 911 Hair Salon, one of the many boarded-up storefronts along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, is down 70 percent after protests started there in August.

It's a common story on this street, where the burned-out husk of the QuikTrip looms as a reminder of the weeks of unrest that followed the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. A local doctor says his business is down 35 percent, and he still needs to repair the windows and doors broken during the protests. A lawyer for Florissant Avenue businesses says his clients are "at a breaking point," still missing out on "millions and millions" of dollars in sales.

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How to Apply For a Job at IKEA in St. Louis

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Lindsay Toler
Missouri officials break ground on the new IKEA store in St. Louis.
How's your Swedish? Are you any good with an Allen wrench? Do you love meatballs? We have a job opportunity for you.

As IKEA builds its highly anticipated, 380,000-square-foot store in midtown St. Louis, the furniture retailer announced that it's beginning to recruit staff for about 300 jobs.

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St. Louis Company Memo Condemns Excessive Pooping in Fourth Floor Bathroom

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Regnatarajan via Flickr
Elasticity says too many poops are happening in the fourth-floor bathroom.
Every office has a "shitting shitter," the designated toilet for during-work bowel movements.

Typically, it's tucked away somewhere, isolated enough to prevent unsavory smells from wafting into the workflow. (The Riverfront Times' is in a nook by the fire escape, in case you were wondering.)

But that's no longer the case at St. Louis marketing agency Elasticity as of Sunday, when the company issued an amusingly overwritten memo to staff and visitors about "unfettered and egregious abuse of the fourth floor lavatory."

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St. Louis Is Still Having Trouble Getting Rides from Uber, But That's Changing

St. Louis only has 119 black cars to split between Uber Black rides, business trips, airport pickups, wedding shuttles and more.
Does this sound familiar?

You're all glammed up, ready to hit the town on a weekend night, and you check your phone to book a ride. You click the Uber app to find a disappointing disclaimer: "There are no cars available at the moment." You hope things will be different at the end of the night, when you'll be in no state to drive yourself. But the Uber app falls through again: "No black cars available."

Uber Black technically launched in St. Louis October 9, but several Uber enthusiasts say they still haven't been able to catch a ride with the new, app-based service.

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[PHOTOS] IKEA Begins "Steel Erection," Lays Pipe for New St. Louis Store

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Mitch Ryals
Man slides steel into place.
Roll up your sleeves, St. Louis, it's time for your quarterly IKEA fix.

In a very enthusiastic press release, IKEA announced this week that "steel erection is underway" for the mammoth furniture retailer's first St. Louis location (and second Missouri location because they decided to build one in Kansas City first, not that we're bitter or anything).

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Couldn't Find an Uber Ride This Weekend in St. Louis? You're Not Alone

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Would-be riders couldn't find an Uber last weekend.
When Uber technically launched its black-car service, Uber Black, Thursday, it was supposed to help end an all-too-familiar nightmare for St. Louisans: the taxi that never shows.

Instead, many riders who planned to use Uber found themselves out of luck this weekend -- the company's first weekend in St. Louis and the start of the NLCS -- when the Uber app showed no Uber Black cars were available.

Uber manager Sagar Shah called demand for rides "overwhelmingly high" in St. Louis, which was the largest U.S. city to be without Uber until last week.

"We've been working on this for almost a year now, so there was a lot of pent-up demand and a lot of people waiting for Uber," Shah says to Daily RFT. "That's one of the reasons demand was high."

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Uber Rolls Out in St. Louis, Officially Launches Uber Black

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"Need a ride? Uber me, St. Louis."
You can now Uber your way around St. Louis.

After months of negotiations with city officials over rules for app-based ride-for-hire businesses, Uber is launching its Uber Black service in the Lou starting at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 9. Uber received unanimous approval from the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission on Tuesday.

Uber Black offers customers a premium sedan on demand via the Uber app. Uber's ride-sharing service, called UberX, along with Lyft, another app-based ride-sharing business, are still barred from operating in St. Louis.

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Why Uber Won't Look Anything Like Lyft When It Launches in St. Louis

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Uber BLACK doesn't look anything like Lyft -- and we don't just mean the pink mustaches.
Remember back when Lyft tried to launch in St. Louis?

Cars wearing pink mustaches burst forth from Cherokee Street to offer rides to the taxicab-averse at the touch of a smartphone -- until police started pulling over any car with furry facial hair for not having a taxi license.

Months passed, and now St. Louis is faced with the very real possibility that Uber, Lyft's better-known rival, could launch here next week. Uber is being coy about a firm launch date, but if the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission approves its application on October 7, as it plans to do, Uber could start offering rides that day.

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Uber is Coming to St. Louis, Could Start Premium Sedan Service Next Week

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Uber BLACK will likely go live in St. Louis on October 7.
After months of negotiations, the ride-sharing app Uber could finally be on its way to launching in St. Louis.

The company applied Friday for its third-party dispatch license to operate its premium sedan service, Uber BLACK.

"We will be hopefully approving them on October 7, and they can get up and running," says MTC director Ron Klein to Daily RFT. Uber can start operating on October 7 with official approval.

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