Judge Says Lyft Must Stop in St. Louis; Lyft Calls Restraining Order "Bullying and Intimidation"

Alfredo Medez on Flickr
Will a judge's order stop Lyft?
Lyft says it's staying on in St. Louis, even after a circuit court judge granted a temporary restraining order to stop the company from operating here.

"Lyft is now live and providing safe rides and economic opportunity in 34 cities across the United States," Lyft spokeswoman Paige Thelen said after receiving a copy of the injunction. St. Louis and Salt Lake City were the 33rd and 34th cities to join Lyft's list. "St. Louis deserves the same modern transportation choices of other large leading U.S. cities."

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Taxi Driver: Lyft is as Bad for St. Louis Workers as Walmart, Fast Food

Umar Lee
Umar Lee has worked as a St. Louis taxi driver since 2005.
St. Louis' newest ride-sharing app Lyft may attract a distinctly hipster and "progressive" clientele, but its business model is as damaging to middle-class workers as big-box stores and fast food restaurants, says one St. Louis taxi driver.

Umar Lee, who has been a cabbie for nearly ten years, penned a fervent response to Lyft's St. Louis launch on the Huffington Post, arguing that the company steals middle-class jobs that pay living wages from taxi drivers -- many of whom are minorities or immigrants -- and turns them into low-wage, part-time gigs for semi-affluent white hipster kids.

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Lyft Driver Cited By St. Louis Police Says He Wasn't Doing Anything Wrong

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Lindsay Toler
A Lyft driver is pulled over in front of City Hall Friday night.
Lyft was only live in St. Louis for about an hour and a half before police pulled over and cited a driver for operating an illegal taxi service.

The driver, a Nashville native who said he'd come up to St. Louis for Lyft's debut, was issued two summonses and a temporary restraining order Friday night after St. Louis Metropolitan Police pulled him over in front of City Hall. When told that Lyft is unlicensed in St. Louis, the driver said he and his four passengers "weren't doing anything wrong."

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Left Bank Books Closing Downtown Location (UPDATE)

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Google Street View

The lovely downtown location of Left Bank Books is closing.

In an e-mail message to its listserve this morning, owner Kris Kleindienst confirms that while they are departing downtown, the flagship location in the Central West End will soldier on. She adds there are no current plans for layoffs.

The last day open will be May 31st. We've left a message with Kleindienst and will update when we hear back. Click through for her message to customers in its entirety.

Update: Daily RFT just spoke with Kleindienst, who did her best to console us.

"It's OK. It's going to be OK," she said. "It's kind of a relief actually to be a decision we're acting on, as opposed to something we're agonizing through."

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Missouri Rep. Wants to Criminalize Finding Out Where Your Diseased Meat Came From

Thomas Bjørkan/Wikimedia
It's none of your business.
A bill has been proposed to the Missouri legislature that would make it illegal for anyone to obtain federal records about diseased cows, pigs, and other animals from all farms and factory meat producers in the state.

According to HB 2094, which was introduced by Rep. Jay Houghton, a Republican from Martinsburg, Freedom of Information Act or Missouri Sunshine requests pertaining to animal health or environmental protection data collected by state agencies under the federal Animal Traceability Program (ATP) would be legally denied.

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For Sale: August Busch's Giant Beach Estate Known for Hosting Stars, Presidents [PHOTOS]

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RE/MAX Realtec Group
Who wants to party like a Busch?
Call it the house that Bud built.

Well, technically, three houses.

August A. Busch's sprawling Florida beach estate -- complete with three separate waterfront homes and a 220-foot wharf -- is on the market for a $6.9 million price tag.

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Ballpark Village: 10 People Following the Dress Code Who Should Get Kicked Out Anyway

Photos by Steve Truesdell
No one wants to see this. Go home.
Ballpark Village is finally here! It's real, it's happening, and you can even wear a jersey most of the time.

Daily RFT realizes we've been a little rough on Ballpark Village's late-night dress code lately. So this story isn't about the people who would get kicked out for wearing the wrong thing. It's about the people who should get kicked out for so many other reasons.

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Ballpark Village: Here's What Happens When You Violate Our Dress Code

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Egan O'Keefe
Sorry, ma'am, no jerseys allowed in Ballpark Village unless it's a game day.
After all this talk about Ballpark Village's late-night dress code policy, we just have to ask:

Whether you're dressed like the Village People or just wearing a Wacha jersey on a non-game day, what happens to patrons at Ballpark Village who break the dress code?

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The 29 Best Hair Salon Names in St. Louis

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Lindsay Toler
Get your 'do did at Jack of all Fades.
"Where'd you get your hair done?"

When a lady hears that question, she doesn't want to respond with some barber-shop chain with a boring name like Quality Haircuts or Styles for Women. She wants to drop a name with as much flair and swag as her newly done coif.

Luckily, St. Louis is a treasure trove of creative hair-salon names that are just as exciting as your new hair extensions.

Here are the 29 hair salons in the St. Louis area with the best, most interesting, most creative names:

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Woman Gets 15 Months in Prison for Causing "Tax Loss" of $90,000

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The IRS has to pay to keep up this building somehow.
The country is broke, so when it comes to ripping off the IRS, the federal government isn't too proud to go after the small fish.

Evelyn Silas, 53, was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for adding false information to twenty tax returns she filed for friends and family over a course of three years. The U.S. Attorney's Office says the Florissant woman "caused more than $90,000 in tax loss." That comes out to about $4,500 in "tax loss" per tax return. Silas kept a portion of each return for herself as a filing fee.

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