Michaels Store in Brentwood Apologizes For Telling Breastfeeding Mom to Leave

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Shingleback via Flickr
"Please don't make us leave, Michaels!"
Employees at the Brentwood Michaels caused a stir on social media this week after telling a nursing mother she had to go outside to breastfeed, despite the store's policy.

Jessa Marie says she and her mother were shopping for supplies her daughter's first birthday party when she realized her daughter needed to nurse. An employee told her she should go outside, where summer temperatures were in the 90s, which violates both the store's policy and a recently adopted state law.

See also: Breast-Feeding Bill Helps Nursing Missouri Moms Delay Jury Duty, Requires "Discretion"

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Would You Pay $1,950 to Rent the Poshest Porta-Potty in St. Louis?

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Gregory Haug
A Shrewsbury police detective is starting a luxury porta-potty business.
Imagine you are hosting a fabulously fancy outdoor party.

Consider it a Gatsby-level shindig: The male guests are tuxedo'd, the women are stunning and the shrimp cocktails never run out. Attendees catch up on the latest yacht gossip while a string quartet lays down the Bach, as is proper.

But the problem with an outdoor party is the bathroom. Where can your guests relieve their refined bodily waste products? In a porta-potty, like a band of commoners?! Perish the thought, old chum, because a Shrewsbury police detective has solved that problem by offering "luxury restroom cottages" to St. Louis' party elite, with luxury pricing to match.

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No Answer on Lyft in St. Louis Until August 2015. Yes, 2015.

Lyft says its working with city leaders to bring its services to St. Louis.
What was supposed to be a quick trial over a restraining order has grown into a larger case after the ride-share app Lyft and the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission agreed to delay their court case until August 2015.

Judge Joan Moriarty already issued a preliminary injunction against Lyft earlier this week barring the company from operating in St. Louis.

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Taxi Commission Delays Decision On Key Issue Keeping Uber from St. Louis (UPDATE)

Uber wants to open its premium sedan service, UberBLACK, in St. Louis.
UPDATE, 6:30 p.m.: Read below the jump for a statement from Uber.

The Metropolitan Taxicab Commission voted today to change its ride-for-hire and allow room for Uber to launch in St. Louis, the largest U.S. market the app-based car service.

But the MTC delayed deciding on the biggest obstacle barring Uber from St. Louis: charging a $25 minimum fare.

Uber, which hasn't officially applied for a taxi license, has said its business model can't function under some of the rules and proposed rules the taxi authority wants to enforce, including a proposed $25 minimum fare. Before Tuesday's meeting even started, Uber sent emails to supporters warning them that forcing a $25 minimum fee is a non-starter.

"St. Louis is the largest city in the U.S. that does not provide residents and visitors access to transportation options such as Uber," the email says. "Imposing fare minimums and other protectionist regulations driven by the taxi industry are the reason why."

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Vines Brothers Bring STL Style to St. Louis Cardinals, Modern Family

Allison Babka
Randy and Jeff Vines are bringing STL Style to the Cardinals and Modern Family.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Modern Family like to do it in style -- STL Style, that is.

This summer, the baseball team with the best fans and the television show with the biggest audience are turning to a small design and print shop in St. Louis for some of their biggest fashion needs. STL Style owners Jeff and Randy Vines and their team of city-proud designers are on deck to provide winning looks for the Cardinals' "Christmas in July" T-shirt giveaway for the Wednesday, July 23, game and for Modern Family's upcoming baby and toddler line.

"We're thrilled! Sometimes we pinch ourselves," Jeff Vines tells Daily RFT. "We can't believe we'd have this broad of a reach when we started out so many years ago, just the two of us."

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5 Ways Uber Could Change Ride-For-Hire Rules in St. Louis

Will St. Louis allow Uber Black? It's up to the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission.
After months of slow negotiations, the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission released proposed rule changes that could pave the way for Uber to open in St. Louis.

While many of the proposed code revisions seem like minor updates -- such as allowing electronic ride tickets as well as written ones -- they'll have an impact on premium sedan ride-for-hire services across the city and county.

In May, Mayor Francis Slay threw his hat into the ring, personally encouraging the taxi authority to adopt alterations proposed by Uber.

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Who Needs Uber? County Cab, Yellow Cab App Hits 25,000 Downloads in St. Louis

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County Cab Yellow Cab on Facebook
"We have an app for that."
So you need a ride. You pull out your phone, place the order in an app, watch as the tiny blinking car on the map comes closer to your location, go outside when a text message tells you your ride has arrived and pay with a credit card via the app.

Sounds like Lyft or Uber, right? But it's not. County Cab and Yellow Cab, St. Louis' largest taxicab company, says it's already booked 70,000 fares from the 25,000 people who've downloaded its app, St. Louis Taxi.

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Cherokee Street Pushes Back Against Yet Another South St. Louis Dollar Store

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Cara Spencer
Business owners meet to discuss the Dollar General store moving into their neighborhood.
Cherokee Street business owners say they want developers to stop plans for a $2 million Dollar General store slated to replace the Hoods Discount Home Store that closed last year.

The Cherokee Street Business Association held an emergency meeting Tuesday night when members heard through the grapevine that Dollar General had its eye on the Jefferson Avenue storefront just north of Cherokee. The group overwhelmingly voted to oppose the development -- the largest in the business district in decades -- or to at least put it on hold until neighbors have their say.

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Here's Why Random People Are Posting Lyft Coupons in All Your Facebook Events

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Have you seen any Lyft coupons in your Facebook events lately, St. Louis?
If you're anything like us, a string of foxy ladies have been posting coupon codes for Lyft, the mustachioed rideshare service, in many of your Facebook Events.

Writing like they're sharing a helpful hint to some galpals ("Try Lyft -- it's like a cab, but costs less"), the coupon patterers post a code that gets new users who download the Lyft app $25 in free rides.

The coupon posts feel rather skeezy, and not only because they're heavily promotional, scripted and repeated on numerous Facebook events.

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IKEA Officially Breaks Ground in St. Louis

Shovel-ready. | Lindsay Toler

It's official.

Construction for St. Louis' IKEA store is underway as of Tuesday morning, when public officials and store representatives broke ground with emblematic blue and yellow shovels.

The groundbreaking marks the official start to construction on the 380,000 square-foot store scheduled to open in fall 2015 in the Cortex Innovation District.

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