Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer Accused of Intentionally Striking Cyclist with His Car

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Mayor Mark Furrer's Mercedes parked outside Sunset Hills City Hall. | Tom Carlson

Yesterday, in a post on Facebook that spread rapidly on social media and then in subsequent interviews, a local cyclist accused Sunset Hills mayor Mark Furrer of intentionally running him off the road with his car after screaming, "Get off my fucking roads!"

The cyclist, Randy Murdick of Fenton, accused Furrer of deliberately swerving into him with his red Mercedes convertible, causing Murdick to wreck. In an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Furrer denied the charges and accused Murdick of grabbing on to his car before falling.

"Honestly, everything he's saying is just ridiculous," says Murdick. "He's just lying to cover it up. Nobody in their right mind on a 17-pound bike is going to grab a hold of a 3,000-pound car."

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Cyclists Demand Action from Circuit Attorney Weeks After Hit-And-Run Driver Killed Biker

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Lindsay Toler
A bike memorial still marks the spot where Rick Beard was struck and killed by a motorist last month.
It's been 39 days since a hit-and-run driver killed cyclist Rick Beard, a 54-year-old, safety-conscious biking enthusiast.

The biking advocates at St. Louis Bicycle Works know exactly how many days it's been. For every day that passes without charges filed against the person who turned himself in to police in connection with Beard's death, the group tweets to the Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, pressuring her to take action and reminding her that they're watching.

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PHOTOS: The Best Undressed People of St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride 2014 (NSFW)

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Jon Gitchoff
"Oh, it's the World Naked Bike Ride? How handy, I seem to have misplaced my clothes..."
This weekend St. Louisans discarded society's rules (and their clothes) and hit the streets two wheels at a time, riding in the seventh annual World Naked Bike Ride.

The ride's compound mission, which advocates simultaneously for cyclist safety, positive body image and sustainable travel options, brings all sorts of interesting St. Louis characters out from the fringes: the eco-warriors, the sex-positive feminists, the experimenting college students, the die-hard cyclists, the creepers and so many more.

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World Naked Bike Ride 2014 Rolls Through St. Louis July 26 (NSFW)

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John Gitchoff
Get ready, St. Louis! The 2014 World Naked Bike Ride is coming.
The Fourth of July may be around the corner, but if it's freedom from clothing you want, then the World Naked Bike Ride is the celebration for you.

This marks the seventh year that St. Louis has had its own parade of nude cyclists as part of the worldwide effort to build a cleaner, safer and more accepting world. The World Naked Bike Ride simultaneously raises awareness for oil dependence, dangerous conditions for bikers and positive body image.

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Where Should St. Louis Build Bike Sharing Stations?

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Joe Mazzola on Flickr
A bike sharing station in Boston.
Imagine checking out a bicycle like you would a library book, riding it for half an hour or so -- from work to the Metrolink stop, or from class back home -- and checking it back in when you arrive.

Bike sharing has already taken off in Washington D.C., Kansas City, New York, Boston and Denver. Now, St. Louis officials and sustainability experts are studying whether the collaborative and eco-friendly transportation model would work here.

But first, they'll need your help to answer this basic question: Where should St. Louis put stations for shared bikes?

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Bicycle Ban Amendment Defeated: Cyclists Celebrate "Victory of the Decade"

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Missouri Bicycle Federation
Bikers are calling yesterday's amendment defeat the bicycling victory of the decade.
In what cycling enthusiasts are calling "the most important victory for bicycling in Missouri in 10 years -- and perhaps 100," an amendment cutting bicycles from potential transportation funding was defeated in a vote in the Missouri House on Tuesday.

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Bike Ban: Rep. Paul Curtman Tries to Cut Bicycles from Missouri Transportation Funding

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Trailnet on Flickr
A new amendment could restrict bikes from state funding.
Missouri's bicycling enthusiasts launched a grassroots campaign over the weekend after a legislator tried to take bicycles off the list of transportation methods eligible for more state funding.

Rep. Paul Curtman, a Republican who represents Franklin County, says he doesn't want roads and bridges to compete with bikes for funds from an upcoming ballot measure for a 1 percent sales tax increase. He filed an amendment Thursday that would eliminate the word "bicycle" from the ballot measure completely.

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St. Louis Artist Takes World-Record Unicycle Ride Across Central America, U.S., Canada

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Cary Gray
Unicyclist Cary Gray is traveling down to South America on one wheel.
Technically, St. Louisan Cary Gray broke the Guinness World Record for longest unicycle trip in Catarina, Nicaragua, after riding 9,126 miles through Canada, the U.S. and Central America on one wheel.

Sadly, he was a few days too late. Just before Gray hit the record-breaking mark, an Australian rider snatched the title after riding nearly 10,000 miles.

But Gray doesn't seem to mind. He's not worried about the nasty bacterial infection he caught in his stomach, flat tires, bumpy roads or steep hills, either. In his video and blog updates, 25-year-old Gray seems jubilant at the chance to explore two continents on one wheel.

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Bike Index: National Registry Picks St. Louis for Pilot City, Launches Tool to Help Stop Thefts

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Bike Index lets people register their bikes in St. Louis.
A new national bicycle registry is launching first in St. Louis to help bike owners get their wheels back after they've been stolen.

Anyone who's had a bicycle stolen knows the only thing worse is seeing the same bike for sale online days later. Bike Index, a registry founded in Chicago, records bikes' serial numbers, colors, style and photos into an online database to help bike owners prove what bike is theirs.

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Emily Hagan: Attorney Says Rain, Street Construction Were Factors in DWI Cyclist Death

emily hagan mug 1.jpg
Emily Hagan
This week, news broke that Emily Hagan, a 31-year-old Kirkwood resident, has accepted a plea deal for a three-year sentence -- one year after she was accused of killing a cyclist while driving drunk in University City.

"Emily...wanted to accept the responsibility and she did," her attorney Art Margulis tells Daily RFT. "This was a tragic situation."

But what led to a plea deal that removed the DWI charge?

Margulis argues that it was a tough case for the prosecution.

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