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What's the scoop, St. Louis?

Every day, we comb through crime reports, press releases, YouTube videos, Facebook pages and more to find the most interesting and most shareable St. Louis news content for you, our Daily RFT Readers.

But there's always a new story ahead, and we want you to help us spot it.

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Taxi Driver: Lyft is as Bad for St. Louis Workers as Walmart, Fast Food

Umar Lee
Umar Lee has worked as a St. Louis taxi driver since 2005.
St. Louis' newest ride-sharing app Lyft may attract a distinctly hipster and "progressive" clientele, but its business model is as damaging to middle-class workers as big-box stores and fast food restaurants, says one St. Louis taxi driver.

Umar Lee, who has been a cabbie for nearly ten years, penned a fervent response to Lyft's St. Louis launch on the Huffington Post, arguing that the company steals middle-class jobs that pay living wages from taxi drivers -- many of whom are minorities or immigrants -- and turns them into low-wage, part-time gigs for semi-affluent white hipster kids.

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Royale's Cuban Missile Crisis Party Draws Ire of Right-Wing Blogger

This weekend marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, wherein the U.S. discovered Soviet missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles from Key West. This led to a 13-day showdown with the USSR, during which Americans were sure the world was about to end.

As we know, the world did not end because JFK brokered a deal with Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, and the Cold War continued for 27 more glorious years.

So what better way to commemorate this great event than a party?

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Check out the Newest LGBT Corner of Cyberspace

With social media like Facebook and Twitter taking over the world, your social life is probably all about your online connections these days. It's that very connectivity, though, that's making traditional blogs lose out.

As we reported back in May, the switch to social media as the preferred online connection led to the demise of, an online hub for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender news and events.Tony Bossaller, who ran the site since 1998, told us he hoped someone would pick up the site where he left off.

And someone has, integrating the DIY, crowd-sourcing ethos of social networking into what will hopefully become a central location for all things LGBT in St. Louis.

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One Less Gay Blog in St. Louis

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Someone needs to blog this!
The St. Louis blogosphere is officially a little less gay, with the virtual shuttering of

Tony Bossaller has run the site since 1998, an eternity in online terms. The site has grown and changed over the years, beginning as a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community events bulletin board and morphing into its recent blog format when upkeep on the bulletin board format became too expensive. The blog had hosted an events calendar, guide to LGBT-friendly bars and event photos.

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St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance Fights Back Against Imminent Doom

image via
Local independent bookstores have joined together to form an alliance, not just another chain.
Let it be known that Subterranean Books may be in mortal danger, but it's not going to lay down and die, no sirree. Instead, it's fighting back by forming a superfriends-like coalition with its fellow indie bookstores, the St. Louis Independent Bookstore Alliance.

The Alliance was formed one fateful Tuesday evening (last Tuesday evening, to be precise) over dinner at Pi in the Central West End. Kelly von Plonski of Subterranean, Nikki Furrer of Pudd'nhead Books, Jay Steele of Left Bank Books and Vicki Ervin of Main Street Books in St. Charles all decided to work together to raise the collective profile of St. Louis' independent bookstores. They would produce a map of independent bookstores to be distributed with other tourist information, set up a website listing all the goings-on at bookstores around town and local bestsellers and plan mega-events together.

They also decided to invite every other independent bookstore in St. Louis, both new and used, to take part. So far, several other stores, including Big Sleep Books, Dunaway Books and Hammond's Antiques & Books have agreed to join in.

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Congratulations RFT Web Award Winners and Nominees

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If you haven't checked in over at our main website today, you may not know that Riverfront Times is out with the winners and nominees for our first-annual Web Awards.

In total we honor 100 local bloggers and social-media gurus across 25 categories who make St. Louis as interesting a place online as it is in the here and now -- away from the computer/smart phone.

Special congratulations here at DailyRFT to some of our favorite bloggers/sources, including: Joe Sports Fan; Fired Up! Missouri; St. Louis Activist Hub; John Combest; Show-Me No Hate and Punching Kitty.

RFT Web Awards: Meet the Judges

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​The finalists have been chosen, the party planners are toiling away and the suspense is mounting: Who will be winning one of RFT's first-ever Web Awards?

We're not answering that just yet. (You'll have to stay tuned for the complete list of winners!) But we are ready to introduce our esteemed panel of judges. These guys poured over hundreds of submissions, received from you via the RFT website. They also brainstormed some ideas of their own, developing a list of finalists in 25 categories and ultimately picking a list of worthy winners. Those winners will be feted at a party Wednesday night and announced in this week's paper.

Because this town (and its social-media community in particular) can seem small at times, it's worth noting that, in some cases, you will see ventures on the finalists' list associated with some of our judges. In every case, the judges made a point of recusing themselves from categories where they had a potential conflict.

Without further ado, our judges!

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Gateway Pundit Blogger Jim Hoft Earns Ire of Keith Olbermann

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Political commentator Keith Olbermann took note yesterday of St. Louis' own Jim Hoft, the conservative blogger behind Gateway Pundit.

Olbermann singled out Hoft for his coverage last week following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in Arizona. Following Olbermann's overly self-congratulatory reflection on his own response to the shooting, the MSNBC host took Hoft to task for citing a fake Facebook page in which suspect Jared Loughner supposedly named Barack Obama and Che Guevara as his heroes.

Olbermann went on to cite Hoft's follow-up coverage three other times during his tirade. See St. Louis Activist Hub for a case-by-case critique of Hoft via Olbermann.

Finalists for RFT Web Awards -- Revealed!

​The votes are in for the RFT's first-ever Web Awards! And while we're not about to tell you who won -- not quite yet, anyway -- we've got the full list of finalists right here.

The winners were nominated by you and chosen by our esteemed panel of judges. We'll be announcing the winners online next Tuesday, as well as in our print edition, so please stay tuned. We'll also have information about our judging panel tomorrow.

In the mean time, congratulations are due to the following fabulous finalists, listed in full after the jump.

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